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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make money from your website

Making money from your website

In recent times, one of the easiest ways many people have managed to become rich is through the online world. The online world has helped many people and it can also be an easy means to express your skills or talents and let others know what you really have to share with them.

It is no wonder why famous Bill Gate, the young Facebook guy and the rest became so rich today just by letting the world see the benefit of their output. And this never happened to them by chance, but because they managed to set up systems and later on, monetized these systems to generate incomes for them even when they are sleeping (see 4 reasons why you should start a website).

In this article, I am going to explain to you how to make money from your website and even if you are still new and about to start blogging, this article will act as some kind of assistance in paving your way as to how to make money from it when you start.

How to make money from your website

The first method which is the easiest is through Google Adsense program. This method is the best approach for those still trying to start up a website as a medium of making money or a living from their sites. But remember that, with the Google Adsense program, they don’t currently accept pornographic contents or copyright materials. Don’t ask me why because I can’t explain!

I consider this method to be the best approach because, once your website is setup, you can start making money through this program. All you have to do is to register an account with them which is totally free and once your account is activated, you will be given many sizes and formats of ads to select from and configure and their system automatically generates the codes that you will place in your html source code where you want the ads to appear and there you are.

Whenever someone or your visitors click on the ads placed, a certain amount is automatically deposited in your account at each payment circle.

This is one of the methods I use on this site when I just started it and I discovered that it works pretty well and that’s why they are still on the site either above every article or just beside.

You can make money through affiliate programs

Affiliate programs have also supported me in making money online even before I started I used to go to other companies, publishers and shops and market their products and whenever someone buys it, I get a commission for that sale.

A good example was when I started this site. By then, I had not written any book, so I had to go and collect books that matched the contents of my website and sell them. Sometimes, for the sales of each book, I get up till 65% commission. A good example of affiliate products can be found at Amazon.

This is another method on how to make money from your website especially when you have no product of your own. Whatever your form of business, there are many affiliate programs in your field which you can licence. This is because, before you started, they were others as well in the field and some of them usually welcome those interested in affiliate.

You have your own products

Another way in which you can make money from your website is by selling products. Up till date, this is one of my measure sources of income online. Once your website is on, the next thing will be to create a product and start selling. If your website is such which it would be difficult to accomplish this, you can still do this in another form.

For example, if you are unable to create a product, you can create other beneficial services such as premium services, members areas etc. and in return charge your visitors a fee for it. Once they notice the importance of your services, they will not hesitate to exchange their money for it.

Do you know that there are many websites online that make enough money for their owners without having even a single product? They just managed to build useful sites and reserved certain services and consider them as paid versions or paid services. It is no wonder why at times, you will have to pay some few $$ before granting access to registration areas of certain websites and this is common with sites that offer intangible services.

Final words about making money from your website

As you can see, making money online is not difficult or something which can’t be told or done by everyone. There are many people who managed to live and depend on online blogging and have been doing well.

This means that if others and myself have been making money from our sites, you too as well can do same without going through weird sacrifices unlike other weird forms of making money in the real world.

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