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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make loneliness go away

How to make loneliness go away

What is loneliness? Loneliness is just a sign of emptiness and idleness. It is not an incurable disease, but just a sign that we need closeness, intimately, and companion. When my best friend Paul and I were separate from high school to different universities was a terrible experience for me. In the past we live like brothers, we have been living together and now I have to live alone in a strange town among strangers. I never found a companion that was as companionable as solitude.

Temporal loneliness. Most often, people arrived loneliness in different circumstances like being away from parents as a result of schooling in another city, Missing a friend as a result of moving to another location. When I was about leaving to another town where I will continue my university studies, I hugged my friend and left. I felt something precious was gone.

For one thing, circumstances can change for better at any time. While in my new town, I said to myself that "I can't continue living in the past" So I started to show interest in meeting others and expressing my deep feelings to those I considered friends. I made few new friends. What about my best friend Paul? I then knew I was wrong. Moving out did not stop our friendship, so I started to give him phone calls, mails, and sometimes we chat online for hours.

What about chronic loneliness? This is more serious than temporal. Many people around the world found themselves jailed by this chronic loneliness. Imagine that you have been in a city for about 5 years without being able to make just a single friend. What you are going through now is chronic loneliness.

Breaking the ice of loneliness. Being involve with people anywhere you are is good for a start as it will not only make your loneliness go away but also to motivate others to have an interest in you. Based on psychology, getting involved with others makes you feel more better and active.

Rather than sit and wait for others to approach you, why don't you meet them and start by saying simple words like 'hi, good day, 'how are you doing today? What is your name? Probably, the person will reply with a smile and the conversation will start resulting to friendship.

If you apply all these and put them into facts, your loneliness is sure to go away. However, if at times you still feel lonely from time to time, relax; there is nothing wrong with that. In one of my article, how to make real friends, I explained how you can start a conversation just by saying simple words that result to friendship.

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