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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make a website for free

Why pay money for a website?

The majority of website owners spend a lot of money just to get their websites online. Some of them go as far as spending huge sum of money only for the domain name and hosting, others do this on marketing and while the third group, as a result of their websites; they spend a lot of money for designer’s purposes.

It’s for this reason I decided to come out with this article, ‘How to make a website for free’; not to teach those who already invested this huge sum of money but to focus on those who are still planning or thinking of how to start or make a website for free.

In one of my articles, ‘4 reasons why you should start a website’, I said that one of the advantages of setting up a website is the ability to test this form of business without investing a penny in it while this statement will be the reverse with the businesses found in the real world.

How to make a website for free

Here are some of the methods by which anyone can follow in order to make a website for free. The good news is that, it works pretty well.

Not only that it works, but this was one of the ways I passed through when I was about to invest in the online world. I was not totally sure of what I was about to do and so, in most cases, I had to use free services which you will see in this article.

  • Buy a cheap domain name: When I talk about how to make a website for free, I am just trying to make comparison with other form of businesses where you will have to invest respectable amount without even sure of the outcome. So, investing just $6 for a domain for a year is pretty small amount for something which will turn into a money generated system tomorrow, right? If you Google the key words one dollar domain name, you will see a good number of them and with even less than $6/year. But in case you as still willing to make a website for free or have nothing to invest in it, you can still use free services such as Blogger,, Wordpress etc. They will still offer this service for free but just that your domain name will bear their own name (e.g, etc.).
  • Why pay for designing? Everything is free so why pay for designing? I am here showing you how to make a website for free and not how to spend or invest money. There will be no need paying for designing since all the paid domain names and free services mentioned above carry hundreds of free and well designed templates for you to choose from according to your business type. So, why pay for designing?
  • No need paying to learn HTML: One of the advantages on how to make a website for free is that you don’t spend any money except if necessary. This includes learning HTML, Photoshop, script languages etc. because all these are found online for free. Why buying a book that teaches these things when you could get alternatives for free?
  • Online marketing is free! Do you know that you can actually have massive traffic every day without paying anything? The reason some people invest too much money on marketing their websites is that they do not know about this. In order for you to market your website for free, visit the related links right below this article.

Final words on how to make a website for free

As you can see from what stated above, it is totally possible to have a website running without spending more than $12 and if you go above that, then you have gone out of track.

This is so because websites were meant to cost almost nothing in total. If you spent too much money as a result of your website, then you are missing out some of the advantages of a website.

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