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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make a popular website

How to make a popular website

Why is it that some websites online become popular while others are the reverse?
Were these people supernatural or that they possess some kind of luck?
Why do people usually prefer but these successful sites

The first answer to these questions is that no one is unlucky and this means that if your website has not become popular yet, it has nothing to do with luck. Everything goes gradually.

One of the most important reasons why these people and their websites managed to become famous has nothing concerning being super humans or not. Their websites become popular because they managed to satisfy the desire of the majority of people and that’s all and nothing else.

How to make a popular website

If you go into details, you will discover that Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc. were not popular just by chance or that they were meant to be so but because they managed to satisfy other people’s desires which other websites never did.

Now, what about your own website? How is it trying to satisfy the desire of others? In order to make a popular website, you must do what others do not. In my words, I am not talking that you go and invent new Facebook, Google etc. No, far from that!!

In order to make a popular website, you must create some kind of benefits to the public. You have to make people see reasons to exchange their time for your website. It is at this point that others perceive your website as benefit to them and so, they will always come back. This is one of the ways you gain returning visitors and not only that, but soon, the site becomes popular.

You do not really have to do much in order to do this. As I said before, you can not reinvent the wheel. All you can do is to target what a certain percentage of people seek over the internet and provide it to them and before you know, your website will become popular among these people.

Bring out the full details of what you do

In order to make a popular website, you must learn to provide people with what they want to your maximum best if possible. For example, if your website talks about types food and how to cook, this will be your centre of focus and so, you must provide enough knowledge in such a way that, if someone never knew how to cook, after going through your website, he/she will be able to cook well, right?

Now, do you think this person would ever forget about your website after learning how to cook? No! He can’t since your site is there as his master and teacher. Whenever he needs something or a new idea, he will always come back.

It doesn’t end there. What if he met someone who wanted to learn about food or cookery? The probability that he will direct the person to your website is very high, right? And that is how you make a popular website.

Final words on how to make a popular website

As you can see from the above mentioned, making a popular website is not that difficult nor something which can’t be learnt or thought. Making a popular website is nothing more than taking the time to discover what online users really need and provide a solution anyway you can.

Once you do that, whenever they become helpless, they’ll return to your website for support. Remember almost every one’s intension behind any website is to satisfy some unmet needs, right?

It’s no wonder why famous websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and the rest managed to succeed just because they managed to provide people with what other websites could not provide efficiently, enough or accurate and so they became what they are today.

Facebook is very popular today not because they were the ones who discover what social networking was all about but because they managed to present an old system in a better way. This is because, before Facebook, they were Hi5 and the rest, right?

This there means that anyone can make a famous and popular website only if he or she really wants to. I know it means putting enough efforts, yet, the main idea behind it is to make a popular website. So, just do what others did not managed to do or take an old information/method and present it in modern way and you will make it.

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