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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to make a girl feel happy

How can I make a girl feel happy?

Every girl is different, so not everything you do for one girl will necessarily flatter another. But one common thing I know is that being nice to a girl is the thing you can do to make a girl feel happy.

In order to make a girl feel happy, you must find out about her hobbies by asking the kind of music she likes, observing her environment, and asking about clothes or pictures she might have. But on the other hand don't be into all her clothes and makeup, girls may find it creepy that you know and want to know where you have bought the stuff and so on.

Girls like to be complimented. Say that her hair looks nice or that a shirt looks great on her etc. Then look in her eyes, and smile. Mean it. Keep it real and show pure intention.

Tell her she is pretty. No matter how average she thinks her looks may be, a girl will usually be flattered and pleased to know you think she is attractive. Say "You've got the most beautiful eyes/hair/skin/hands/etc. I've ever seen," Just use phrases you know will make her laugh depending on who she is.

Let her know about things she might be interested in. This will show her you remembered and are thinking about her always, and the things she likes. Don't forget important dates in her life especially her birthday etc. On the other side, be truthful.

I don’t see any reason for someone to lie. Being honest during the dating process means you respect her wants and needs.

Make her feel important. Making her feel important is nothing more than relax and enjoy the time you both spend together as this process brings out her importance. Do fun things together such as bike ride, walks, movies, etc... don't just sit around or make-out all the time but still you have to sacrifice for this to happen.

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