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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to live a better life

How to make life better

One of mains of life is attaining happiness. The biggest questions remain that:
Why other people remained victims of life problems?
Why aren't they living better lives?

Life is full of problems and those who managed to be happy aren't those without problems but those who managed to deal with them.

How to live a better life

Living a better life isn't something difficult nor something which people aren't doing. In order to live a better life you must first understand that the present predicament isn't what you intended in life.

Before you can live a better life, you must first know what in life is going to make you happy. After graduation, I dived straight to business. I became involved in a small sized one. Although i was somehow doing well but it didn't make life any better because i was still involved in the wrong career choice.

I later quit and became involved in personal development and so i began experiencing tremendous life experiences. Since childhood my goal has always been to be a counsellor since I enjoy assisting people anyway i can and doing this makes me content with my lifestyle.

So, if you're not living a better life, know that you're not doing the right thing for yourself. Think of these two things; what maybe holding you behind and what you may need to make life better.

For example, you might not be living a better life because you're not into the right career, or because you intended to lose a certain amount of weight or attract a potential partner or have the kind of wealth you wish. Just one of this factors is sufficient to make you feel life is unfair.

Use will power to make a better life

When you become totally conscious of what is tying you down and what's going to make life better, the next thing will be on how to eliminate the spell and this is nothing more than using will power.

For example, if you believe your problem is originating because you're not getting enough freedom to do what you like, why not break that barrier and get yourself enough freedom to do what you like?

The same thing happens if you're not living a better life because you're not getting what you want in life. If this happens to be where you got stuck, ask yourself; what do i really want in life? What's going to make life better if i have? The answers to these questions are responsible for your present situation and they're also the things that are going to make you happy.

If you discovered the problem is that you need someone to show you love, then by attracting a potential partner will make life better. If you discovered the problem is that you're broke, getting a good job is certainly going to make life better.

Wherever you maybe lacking, just tackle it and before you know, life is back on track.

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