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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to know if someone is lying

How to know if someone is lying

Knowing if someone is lying is neither difficult nor something which can only be learned in professional schools. Based on the help of psychology anyone can interpret the minds of others in order to source the validity of what they say.

The reason people keep lying is because they believe no one would know about it nor interpret it to others and that's one of the reasons why it's important for you to learn how to know if someone is lying.

In this article Im going to show you some simple liars' detective methods that will help you when spotting out a liar. Below are some of the methods:

How to know if someone is lying

  • Fake smiles: Liars usually tend to project some smiles if necessary but usually, you can still know if they're lying based on their weak smiles. When someone is lying his smile usually centers only with the movement of the muscles around the mouth, while other facial muscles remain constant.
  • Incongruent in speech: You can still know if someone is lying based on the alignment of his speech. For example, a liar will usually omit words and modify statements when repeating something he said in the past. He does this since he can't remember clearly what was said earlier.
  • Everyone is a liar: Honest people tend to believe what others say and so find no difficulty believing what people say. Liars on the other hand tend to doubt almost everything you say because they believe everyone is a liar just like themselves.
  • Eye mismatch: Study proved that people look at the upper right side of the eye when recalling something they know, while looking at the upper left side denotes creating scenes. Now if you asked someone the color of his car and he starts looking upper left, it might mean that he doesn't even own a car at all!
  • Ostracizing direct replies: Another way on how to know if someone is lying is by taking note to replies of questions they usually give. This is because liars will always tend to avoid answering questions the way they are. Instead of saying "I took the cake", they might say something like; "you know I don't eat sweet things."
  • Anxious to switch topics: You can know if someone is lying to you because they're usually anxious to divert topics. Remaining on same subject triggers the anxiousness in them that people will soon get the truth. Going out of track assures their safety!
  • Lack of self-confident: Have you ever watch a speech of a confident person? You'll discover that they don't stammer or make lot's of verbal pauses. Liars tend to portray a lot of this when in their lying mood. Even when you disagree with them they tend to be receptive and if pushed far enough, they might tend to provide nonsensical backups.

Before you spot a liar, watch out!

In order for you to know if someone is lying to you, you have to see if some of these liars' detective signs are reflected on them.

Spotting one sign isn't just enough as you'll tend to consider everyone around as liars. So the more the signs you see in them, the higher the probability.

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