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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to keep your mind off sex

How to keep your mind off sex

Do you spend time visualizing of sex? Do you spend time browsing porn? What do you do when youíre alone? If this is your situation, then you maybe at war with your emotion and without the help of an expert, such thoughts can cause an emotional wound in your mind for the rest of your days.

This is one of the things that can change a person's personality both physically and mentally. In this article, Iíll tell you how certain thoughts about sex start, how they develop, and also how you can keep your mind safe from these thoughts.

The kind of associates you keep shape your mind

The first step in this regard to take note of is the kind of people whom you keep and associate with. This is one of the aspects that influences and shapes your mind when it comes to sex. For example, if youíre usually among friends who talk of nothing but sex agendas, you'll be tempted to start giving it a thought even when you know itís not what you want.

When youíre with these people, they influence you up to an extent that you start experiencing some of their thoughts in practice even when they're not around. I know itís not easy to cope without some of these people in your life, still when a topic rises up, you can find a way of avoiding it.

There are many ways of doing this. Since you can't force them from expressing what they feel, you can just find a way to leave without appearing to be different. Depending on who they are to you, you'll know what to tell them that does not call for an alarm, right?

Consider your form of entertainment

Another cause for this sexual pressure maybe from what you see in magazines, television and the internet. All these aspects shape the way we go about thinking especially concerning the opposite sex.

This happens so because when we tend to find pleasure in pornography, romantic films and music, our minds keep reminding us of what we saw in the form of sexual desires. In order to get over this stage, the first thing should be considering what you watch, listen, or read. Above all, you have to be selective in this regard.

Masturbation and Self-abuse

Masturbation is another reason, which can make someone a slave to his mind. This happens especially when a person thinks of sex and could not get it he turns to satisfy himself by masturbating as a result of what the mind records and keeps for him as on and off flashbacks.

Masturbation isn't something that can't be stopped or controlled. Rather, Itís nothing more than the past memories and beliefs we hold about the things we have been indulging into. So in order to end it you must also change certain things about your life and this is no more than what you have been indulging.

Stop visualizing yourself with someone, stop watching porn etc. I know itís not easy but if you managed to be avoiding it bit-by-bit, one day you'll get over it just like that.

Breaking sexual desires from any angle

In order to keep your mind off sex you must learn how to control your thoughts and the massage you pass on to your mind in the form of the kind of things you see. When you feel the urge for sex, make an effort to divert your mind to other important things in your life. Another way you can do this is by confining in someone mature that you trust. Remember that one word from an elderly person can make a whole change.

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