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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to improve your looks

How to look more beautiful/handsome

Who says you’re not attractive? Having this kind of belief system is just like believing a common myth from others but I want you to know without doubt that no one is unattractive. It’s but normal that not everyone would be able to love us. If so somebody like the president and top celebrities would be loved by almost everyone but unfortunately, they’re not.

For the fact that a person does not match someone’s criteria does not mean he/she is not good-looking to others. And that’s the same reason why you yourself can’t love all your friends with the same degree. So if that’s true it means that for the fact that you can’t share love the same degree probably because of their looks, facial features, life style etc. still it doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t good looking right?

For the fact that you’re not attractive to a particular person doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not attractive to others. If not you won't be able to have even a single friend but if you have even just one or more friends, you’ve already challenged that fact because they found you interesting before being good friends right?

Therefore, there is no reason to be depressed over personal looks or appearances. It’s just like making a judgment alone. No one is the final judge to tell you how tall, short, slim, your complexion, your hair etc should look like because even if you do that and please them you won’t please others who love you for who you are.

Who is worried of your looks?

Don't let people mold your thinking with their own judgment. If a person is worried of your looks or appearance, try to understand certain things about the person: Is he/she trying to be helpful or just trying to put me down? In order to be on safe side, you have to be selective on how you accept words from others. This is one of the things that influence someone's personality for the rest of his life.

Looks and comparison

Some people believe they are unattractive when they compare themselves with top models and celebrities on TV and on the Internet. Normally’ it’s impossible to compare with such people for many reasons but when they failed to meet up with certain criteria; they tend to say they’re unattractive which is not really justified in any way.

However, one thing I wish to let them know is that top models and celebrities are people like you and I who have done some makeups and undergo certain diet to be that way. You may also be surprised to know that lighting and photographic artistry have also improved their looks. As you can see there is no credit to gain keeping such nagative feelings over the whole thing.

How to improve your looks

If you put much emphasis on looks, below are some relevant steps which you can follow to either improve your looks or get accepted by other:

  • How do you dress? How you dress matters a lot in this regard because when looking at your physical looks, others will be interested but on how you dress. Remember that how we dress tells people who we are and how we feel about ourselves. To summarize all these, dress in way that brings out your attractiveness.
  • Colors attractiveness: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you I explained how wearing certain colors can influence the perceptive nature of people over you and how certain colors of dress can increase your overall attractiveness. Men who wear blue are perceived to be loyal and trust worthy which increases their attractiveness while women who put on red are perceived to be more attractive as well.
  • Applying confident manner: One of the natural facts about improving appearances is no more than appearing to be confident in front of others. If you managed to walk or talk in a confident manner with your back straight people will perceive you as one and will be drown to you.

Time and improving your looks:

At some points in life, such appearance problems such as complexion, body weight, misshapen nose, acne could be addressed as temporal problems because as the body is growing and developing every day, natural change will be taking place. This is also the time to monitor and control your looks. Another way is by the help of a specialist, doctors, sports, makeups, you will still appear to be very attractive if you applied the right steps.

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