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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to impress a boy/guy

How can I impress a boy?

Before writing this article, I usually get at least, two comments each week from my daily readers asking me some of the easiest methods to attract and impress a guy/boyfriend. Most of the comments came from my female readers and itís because of this that I decided to come up with this article. At least, it will not only be read by them but by others who are in the same situation but chose to remained dormant.

In most of the instances, I usually start be telling them that impressing a boy or a guy is not that difficult as how they may have been told. Itís nothing more than showing concern in his activities and appearing to be some kind of support especially when theyíre highly depended on external factors. This aspect is true and very common with 90% of boys.

Impressing a boy even for the very first time is very simple provided that you follow the right procedures. The majority of boys would be impressed by someone who satisfies their desires rather than someone who thinks they can do it by showering gifts or remaining a dormant partner. In resent time, boys are no more impressed with such methods. A guy canít expect you to show him some level of concern and in return he gets but expensive gifts from you. He might sound great at moment, but deep down, youíre not impressing or doing the right thing.

One common mistake girls usually do when trying to impress their guys/boyfriends is that they continue to follow the wrong steps copied from unsuccessful people. About 68% of these failures are based on the fact that they used general advice to impress every boy which may not turn out well to every guy. I am not totally against this fact but what I want you to know is that boys are different in their natures, likes and dislikes, ways of doing and looking at things. So using one general advice may not do well for every guy. Each guy needs to be targeted.

Step-by-step process on how to impress a guy/boy

If you have been having hard times, impressing your guy or boyfriend, then, this is surely because you went wrong somewhere along the line but am here today to correct that; how you can use methods that work to make a guy feel impressed or happy.

  • Who is he? In most of my articles on relationship, I usually emphasize on the fact that you know at least certain criteria about your partner because the foundation of any relationship begins with communication and this happens only when both partners know each other. When you know things about him like what he likes, hates, hobbies, what he likes talking, you will know how to impress him the right way, right?.
  • Show interest in his discussion: A research was carried out after which it was cleared that 90% of people who get bored or leave before the end of a public discussion is because the topic was not favorable to them. This illustration reflects the same aspect when trying to impress a boy/guy. In order to impress your guy the right way, you have to notice what he likes talking about and adapt your system to it as to impress and make him feel right around you.
  • Share in his activities: This step is logical in the sense that before a boy starts looking for a partner, he unconsciously looks for whom he believed can share some common interest with him (see why do we fall in love?). That is why in our world today, people tend to make friends with people who tend to respond as they do. Thatís why honest people get attracted to honest people, bullies get attracted to bullies, thieves to thieves and the link continues like that. For example, if you noticed that your guy is badly in love with a certain activity (letís say sport etc.), then appearing to appreciate and like that sport will make him feel impressed to always take you out.
  • Express your thoughts openly: In one of my articles signs to show that someone loves you, I explained that people tend to hide their feelings except when they are sure of yours. Once you have programmed his mind the rest will be done by him since he will certainly notice your scheme. Later on, heíll be the one making the other moves and not you. So, do your part and when itís set, leave the other part for him to play.

Final word on how to impress a boy/guy

From the above stated, impressing a boy is not all about chasing them ups and downs with the ďI love youĒ thing. No. Itís all about proving to them that you care enough and this canít be word of the mouth but action.

This therefore means that; do what they want you to (not crazy), always be there for them, say just what they want to hear, invite them to the right places, call them by their names, kiss them, shower them with gifts, take them for a ride/walk around, tell them good stories etc. You donít necessarily have to overdo all this but do the ones that youíre up to.

If you follow the above steps, your chances of impressing a him will increase. Even after doing this and he remains usual, donít worry because deep down his mind, heís impressed and happy with you.

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