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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to help someone who broke up

How to help someone who broke up

The reason for coming up with this article is because I know not everyone knows about me nor this website. This article is therefore going to help show just what to do in order to help someone who broke up and doesn’t know about xKnowHow.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the direct methods to help someone. While I play my part, you’ll also need courage which may not be explained in this article. But if you’re swift, just the methods will be sufficient to boost you up.

Have you ever broke up before? How were your feelings? The answers to these questions are the same way people suffering from breakups feel about themselves and their partners.

How to help someone who broke up

The first thing in your position on how to help someone who broke up is by letting them identify with you every nitty-gritty you need to know.

Research shows that a problem shared is a problem halve solved. This means that your role as a friend, parent, relative or even coach is to make sure they explain how they've been living in the past, the present and cause of the break up.

When you get enough, you’ll certainly understand whose fault and where to start tackling. But before doing that, make sure they're telling just the truth because when someone tells a lie, he gets a lie an answer.

Understand the link between your patient and their partners?

In one of my articles, 'Does unconditional love exist?' I said that there are certain unmet needs that make a person fall in love and how if non of these needs exists, there will be no need falling in love. This is the time to spot out what's linking them to each other. In doing this ask definite questions and get direct answers.

If their answers aren’t enough or satisfactory, ask them to define "what love is" and why they were attached to their ex. You may realize that the problem isn’t actually his/her lover nor the relationship, but a particular unconscious criterion he/she was trying to solve behind the relationship.

This denotes that behind the relationship there was an unmet need. In the book, 'Getting over your ex in few days' I explained how certain unmet needs tend to hinder recovery and how these needs can be used to get over their loved ones in just few days.

This is how to help someone who broke up get over

When all this has been done, your next step is to let them get over the breakup and how would you do that? It’s simple because by now you must have spotted out the real reason behind the relationship.

For example, if you discovered that your victim was highly dependent for finances, getting a well paid job them will help them get over. If you noticed that they're addicted to the relationship as a result of lack of company, showing them how to make new friends or keeping company will certainly make them forget.

If you spotted that, his/her ex usually takes them out, by start walking, strolling around, going to parties or clubbing will certainly make them feel right again. If you managed to comply the steps mentioned, before you know your patient will regain consciousness again.

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The book 'Getting over your ex in few days' is by far the only book online that tackles the subject of forgetting someone in just few days, with simplified steps. The methods contained in it are methods that work and those who used it said same. See details...

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