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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to have a healthy marriage

How to make a successful marriage

In 2004, it was cleared that about 75% of couples divorced after 5 years. Another survey also showed that 65% of divorce resulted from mismatch and influential forces from family members coupled with friends. Based on these surveys, it's evident that one of the problems facing the majority of mankind happens to be in the domain of marriage.

Very few people know that when it comes down to married life, people get stuck at various stages along the marital process. Some are faced with the problem of choosing a partner, while others are confronted on how to bring up the children, while the third group really don't know where to begin at all. So, the point here isn't how to avoid the process but how to go through it successfully.

Why do some marriages fail?

Before you can understand how to have a healthy relationship, you must first understand the root cause of most marital failures. If you managed to ask some divorced people the root cause of it, in every eight of out ten, they'd begin by making you understand that the whole thing boiled from misunderstandings. This fact alone usually originates from wrong choice of partner.

They're some people who dive straight into marriage not because they seek marriage nor the spouse, but as a result of their unmet needs, change of status, means of escaping unnecessary situation back home and so on (see what causes love addiction?). These people never possess anything good for the relationship nor do they really possess love at all. leaving with such people only helps to break down the marriage when they fail to satisfy these needs.

Also, another issue behind this fact is highly rooted on external forces such as friends, influence of family members in decision making, social programing from the media, our thoughts about marriage and many other more.

6 ways on how to have a healthy marriage

  1. Forget what the media say: The truth is that the media have greatly programed our minds to the extent that what we see and hear on air, we tend to expect same in reality which sometimes isn't possible at all. So in order to make your marriage a healthy one, forget what you see on TV or the internet . Don't even try to compare your spouse nor the marriage to that of dramas and visual presentation. This is because some people tend to make comparison of their relationship with that of the media and the end result is that they get disappointed and tend to blame their partners. So, avoid this poor habit in order to know happiness.
  2. Rebuke signals from outside: If you really want to make your marriage healthy or successful, stop being influenced by everything people say which may ignite anger or some kind of revenge, right? If someone tells you they saw your spouse at a certain place or with another partner, don't get moved up. Rather, take it gradually and sort it out. By doing so, you may come to realized these were just rumors, and what if you'd done something stupid? So, being selective in what you get from others is one way to gain happiness in marriage.
  3. Be there in down times: When the good is going, you're usually together and so should it be with the down times. Imagine that your spouse was down somewhere along the line and you managed to raise him up again, how's he going to feel? Awesome, right? And that's just how you make your marriage healthy.
  4. Spend time together: Nothing in marriage is as joyful as spending time with your spouse. People who do the reverse are those suffering from unmet needs or wrong criteria match and that's certain. In order to fasten the relationship between you and your spouse, always get time to talk, go outing, and share common interest as well.
  5. Learn not to make mistakes: Another way to make your marriage healthy is by learning not to make mistakes but how to admit and apologize openly. This is because in every marriage, there is bound to be misunderstandings, so, it's just something one can't escape but learning how to deal with them is the answer.
  6. Cordial love with children: This fact focuses with the upbringing of children. Be conscious as to bring up the children in moral standards. Teach them to accept their faults, teach them openness, teach them how to be responsible, teach how to select friends, teach them to always feel at ease to communicate their feelings etc. When you do that, you'd discover a sense of openness at home and nothing brings that much happens as being with them around you. In fact children are one of those things that bond spouses together.

Ultimately words on building successful marriage

As you can see marriage was meant to be fruitful and joyful but the reason why some people don't realize this is because they go contrary to the principles of marriage. Unlike any other rule, marriage is no different.

If you want to make your marriage healthy, then stick to the above mentioned and before you know, they'd be a sense of honesty and love hovering in and out of your home. Just do it and see.

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