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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to get things done fast

How to get things done fast

Despite the fact that you work hard enough, I hope youíve seen people who are twice successful than you without them doing so much?

And many times, youíve also seen instances when someone is in possession of three times your achievement while being very young?

They have enough time to spend, they donít work out their selves, they hang out more than you do but yet successful. How did they manage to do that? How did they manage to get things done that fast?

How to get things done fast

Getting things done fast is completely free and totally simple, itís nothing more than knowing what your goals is and walking in that direction. People who manage to get things done fast are those who know the right time for almost everything they do.

When itís time to work, they concentrate, they donít answer calls or check their mails during working hours and when itís time for pleasure, they equally know how to do that as well. Getting things done fast boils down to having a goal in mind. When you set a serious goal for yourself, you will tend to see every minutes of your time very necessary.

In one of my articles, 'how to make use of your time', I explained how people who achieve their goals in life are those who managed to make use of their time and the same thing happens with getting things done fast.

Schedule your time for everything

In order to achieve your goal fast, you must schedule yourself, keep time to work on your plans and time for rest and thatís what those mentioned in the above examples did.

When itís work time, youíll never see them idling around. You only see them during pleasure then believe they are successful than you. Far from that! They work same as you but the different is that they know what they want, focus their selves and become less distracted.

For example, imagine yourself trying to complete a certain task and the same time, trying to answer a call and probably he tell you to check a mail sent to you, after checking the mail, youíre forced to reply. By the time you are done, youíre feeling hungry and rush to the kitchen to prepare something. Very soon a friend comes in.

How would you possibly get things done fast in that manner? And these are some of the things that let people start procrastinating.

Final words on getting things done fast

I earn more money with this website ( more than most of my friends even though I work just few hours a day. Why is that so? If you look carefully, you will see that in most cases, my 4hours work is equivalent to their 8hours work highly because of how I manage my hours.

So in order to get things done fast, you must head towards a serious goal, schedule your time and eliminate all forms of distraction and thatís what people with greater achievements do.

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