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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to get over love addiction

How to get over love addiction

Unlike any other emotion we experience all the time, love addiction is nothing less than what we feel. The origin of love addiction has its basis from a desire and from there it gradually leads to addiction.

Many times in life, some people unconsciously try to tackle tough issues in their lives by the means of addiction. Some times, they never know this even when it’s clear to others that “you’re an addict”, yet they choose not to see through the lens of others.

Most of them rarely believe that they’re only addicted. In most of the cases, they see it as a means to secure their relationships. They may be somehow correct, but to certain extent, the down times for this habit is way too far than creating alibis for it.

For example, being too addicted sooner or later tends to bore the other partner and very soon, he/she starts losing interest and before you know, the relationship is down complete. In my book, 'Getting over your ex in few days' I explained how love addiction happens to be one of the major reasons why some people get hurt immediately after breakup and how it hinders the recovering process.

How to get over love addiction

  • Love addiction isn’t love: One of the easiest ways on how to get over love addiction is first realize that love addiction isn’t love. Research proofs that those affected by this habit happen to suffer unmet needs. This one factor is sufficient enough to destroy any relationship. For instance, doing unnecessary things in the name of love only tends to bore the other partner. Too much of a thing done becomes a disease and this is one way to get over love addiction.
  • Destroy the false belief: One of the reasons why some people become relationship addicts is rooted down on their thoughts and beliefs. For example, believing that your partner is the only match. This makes you become addicted to him since you’ve been programmed that he/she is all. The reason some people become too addicted isn’t because they found true love in their partners, but because they really don’t know how to attract potential partners and so, they become love addicts. Those who believe that in life we have many potential partners out there certainly don’t become relationship addicts. Those who went through the book ‘How to make someone fall in love with you’ realized that addiction is just what we form and how you can use this addiction to attract a potential partner.
  • Build your self-confidence: if you take a kin look at people suffering from love addiction, you’ll also realize that they’re also suffering from low self-confidence. This is because, being addicted to someone completely wipes out your self-confidence. In most cases, you’ll see that whatever their partners tell them, they comply without any form of resistance whether right or not. This therefore means that in order to get over love addiction, you must understand who you are, what you want and what you dislike. From there, you’ll be able to express what is right for you, you’ll learn how to stop trying to please him/her all the times, and you equally gain back consciousness as well.
  • Solve your unmet needs: A research in 2011 shows that most people affected by relationship/love addiction happens to be suffering from unmet needs as well. For instance, many people unconsciously dive into relationships/marriages in order to feel good, accepted by others, change of social class, financial difficulties. In most cases, you’ll see that they’ll be holding on to the relationship as a result of their unmet needs and so, become addicted. In order to get over love addiction, you have to tackle your unmet needs before going into a relationship/marriage because unmet needs happen to be the root cause as to why people become love addicts (see what causes love addiction?).
  • Attract just your type: This is hard to believe but it’s the truth. When you fall in love with someone outside your circle, you’ll likely to become addicted to the person in order to keep up the relationship. So in order to avoid being addicted, find someone in your social circle and background. This way you won’t have stress up things.
  • Express your true self: Imagine using your wealth or some other criteria to manipulate someone to go into a relationship with you, what’s that? That’s also addiction. That’s some kind of contract you’ve just signed and must comply with that else the whole thing blows off. If this is your situation, in order to get over this kind of addiction, you must start by exposing your real personality; what you real are. If you’re about to start a new relationship, let the core of it be genuine and also avoid those outside your circle and if it must be, let them know who you are. Never hide your true identity else, you’ll likely to become addicted to the relationship just to meet up.

Final words on how to get over love addiction

If you were smart enough, you would have discovered from the above mentioned that, the best way to get over any kind of addiction is to first spot out where you’re lacking and tackle that because that’s where the problem is coming and not the relationship.

Wherever in your life you think you’re being addicted, try to spot its origin and solve it. If you begin today, very soon, you’re discover that being addicted is just another kind of emotion which can be controlled or changed today if you want.

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