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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to get over breakup

How to get over someone

In the past it usually took me months, if not years to get over breakup but now, it takes me no less than two weeks to get over the worse breakup. You'll not be an exception after reading few articles here.

In this article, I am going to tell you some of the reasons why breakup last long and how you can eliminate certain false beliefs in order to get over a breakup fast.

But before I do that I'll first let you know some of the behaviors that usually linger the recovery process.

Why don’t people get over breakup fast?

People do funny things right after breakup. Some even go to the extent of playing all the old love music while others stay visualizing. When you keep visualizing on how life used to be, you never recover.

Others try to tackle it by doing some weird things just to keep busy like reading breakup poems and listening to romantic songs etc. When asked, they’ll say something like "it's a recommendation."

Yes, it’s true that when you keep yourself busy in this manner, you tend to forget a little but soon you gain consciousness, the memories are still there. This is just some kind of system that accumulates unwanted memories. It's also the main reason why some people never get over breakup with ease.

In my book Getting over your ex in few days, I explained in details why some people get stuck along the recovery stage as a result of their mindsets and how these mindsets coupled with their thoughts could be used to get over breakup in few days.

How to get over breakup

  • The game is over: Before you can get over someone, you must realize that the whole game is over before assuming recovery. The reason people easily get over the death of their loved ones but find it difficult to get over someone they love is because they totally believed the person is death, gone, can't be brought back and so they recover fast. If you totally make sure that the relationship is permanently over, the sooner you'll get over it.
  • Forget about "the one" concept In my article 'Why some people never recover from breakups', I said that people who tend to linger the recovery process right after breakup happens to be those still believing in "the one" concept.
  • They weren't the only one: The reason why sometimes we tend to fall in love with dozens of partners is because no one is the only potential partner. Everyone can be! Just turn around and welcome others in your life. This is the point where you may come to realize that they weren't even the only.

The ultimate words on getting over breakup

After complying with the above, the next thing will be to entertain yourself in the right form and this is nothing more than considering what you watch, listen etc.

Don’t watch anything romantic or listen to sad music for the present. In most of my coaching sessions, I always recommend watching comedy films before going to bed.

Recommended books

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The book 'Getting over your ex in few days' is by far the only book online that tackles the subject of forgetting someone in just few days, with simplified steps. The methods contained in it are methods that work and those who used it said same. See details...

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