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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to get freedom from parents

How to get freedom from parents

Youths complain that their parents don't respect them. Instead of being trusted, they are judge without a trial when something goes wrong. A young girl said, "My Dad always wants to know everything, where I am, when I am going to be back. But do they have to know everything?"

Reasons for their actions. Most of the times when you are not in the house without their notice, they start wondering and thinking if you have gotten into a car accident, hanging out in parks, doing drugs, getting arrested, going to porno show, getting raped or mugged, and disgracing their reputation."

Although not all parents will jump in such conclusion, but it is true that many young people are involved in such things.

How you behave counts

Have you ever been late coming home due to circumstances beyond your wish? Did your parents overreact? When such misunderstanding occurs, remain calm and explain yourself in a polite manner as this gives you the chance to gain respect.

How to get decent freedom from parents. Some youths sulk, lie or openly disobey. If you want permission to stay out late, don't make childish demands or whine that "all the other kids stay out late." How you respond to your parents' demand also has a lot to do with how you will be treated.

Make them to know that you are now mature and try to approach them like an adult and with that they will respect and grand your request. Bring your friends home from time to time so that when you tell them you are going out with x, they will not scream at you.

Final words on getting freedom

If you want more freedom, prove yourself responsible among them. Take seriously whatever tasks they assign you. By doing so, you will not only appear to be responsible but also get more freedom from them.

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