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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to forget someone you love so much

How can I get over someone I love so much?

One psychologist once said, ‘one of the biggest pain felt, is the pain we get after the loss of our loved ones’. The day I understood what he meant, I equally understood why most of the mails I got from this website have to do with breakups and recovery strategies. Based on what I read from websites and books, most of the authors claimed that forgetting someone you love so much has never been easy and some still claimed that it takes probably months if not year.

I really do not doubt them because if you look into it critically, you will discover that all of them are simply saying their beliefs; what they went through after breakup and not based on proven fact. How can someone conclude a universal fact based on his own experiences? These people know very little or nothing about the psychology of love.

During my couching season, I always tell my readers that forgetting about someone you love takes no more than two weeks if you don’t play against the rule. Forgetting about someone is neither a magical science nor something that cannot be done by anyone. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

How to forget someone you so much

In order for you to complete get over him, you have to first convince your subconscious mind of the non-existence of the relationship. In most cases, this is nothing more than telling him face-to-face that the whole thing is over. I know it’s not easy, but I see no other way to it. In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I said that confronting your ex directly and making sure it’s over kills all future hopes and what follows is the recovery process.

A resent research proved that one of the strongest reasons people quickly get over the loss of their death ones is because they totally believed in the existence of the death and since they also believed that death is constant, they lost hope and recover very fast and the same thing happens with relationship. When you totally lost hope of the relationship, your subconscious mind believes that’s all about the relationship thus you start forgetting about him.

This therefore means that forgetting someone begins with losing hope of the relationship. When you find yourself with no possibility, the next thing is you’re your subconscious mind let it go just like that.

He or she was the one!!

The concept of the one or soul mate is another factor that really hinders many people from getting healed after a breakup. Do you know that some people totally believed that their partners were the only best match for them and thus kept thinking all day long?

In the book How to make someone fall in love with you, it explained the gradual process by which we love certain people and how we can change certain things in us in order for them to now become a wrong match for us.

This also implies that if you love someone and found another person much needed, you tend to forget the old one, right? If you really want to see how effective this is true, start going out, meet new faces, socialize with friends most and before you know, you will make many new friends both males and females. And you may come to realize that they are many other partners out there who are much beauty and handsome than your victim.

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