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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to forget someone you love

How would you forget someone you love

In forgetting someone you love, do you continue to dwell in the old good memories? This is one of the mistakes the majority of the masses usually do in an attempt to get over their loved ones. This approach is very good when the going is good but with the case of getting over the person, this is one of the worst methods so ever. Forgetting someone you love is neither something super natural nor something beyond manís desire nor something which has never been done by anyone. If you want to stop thinking of someone, you will and the process is not difficult at all; itís completely free and easy to adapt if you want to.

But before I let you know how to forget someone you love, itís important for me to first let you know why some people never recorver or take a longer duration to forget someone. At least, knowing where they went wrong will act as some kind of guide to remain on the right track, right?

Why do some people fail to forget their loved ones after breakups?

I understand itís quite normal for anyone get hurt after breakup but what is not normal is when the recovery process takes more than the usual time. In most situations, you will realized that most of them were more than 70% depended on their partners for almost everything. Itís because of this relationship dependency that left many people brokenhearted for months if not years else, they would have recovered immediately after the breakup stroked.

Another factor that hinders the recovering process is when after the breakup, one partner hopes that the other partner is going to come back. Some of them further dream that the relationship is not yet over and expect to get calls/mails/SMS from the other partner. In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days' I said that only 1% hope can be the reason why some people never get over their old partners.

This kind of activities after the occurrence of breakup make many people find it difficult to forget their loved ones in the sense that they still hope to see them again. This process is the wrong strategy because, you canít be expecting to forget someone you love and at the same time youíre there daydreaming of them or expecting to see them again, right?

How to forget someone you love

The following points are methods backed by relationship psychology and proven to be true. The methods below have been tested and it turns out to be a cure for breakup and your part here is to practically apply them and before you know, forgetting him/her will no more be one of your worries, right?

  • Avoid everything about them: In my book ĎHow to make someone fall in love with youí, I explained that if you managed to make yourself available to your victim even just by 45%, they will tend to find company in you but when forgetting someone, here is the reverse. This therefore means that in order to get rid of the person you must try to avoid them any way you can even if it means avoid the places where they usually be. If itís in my situation, I will return every property including a needle that belongs to them. This is because, based on psychology, each time we see these items, they bring back the personís memories thereby making the recovering process difficult for us.
  • He/she was the wrong type: During my research I came to discover that people feel hurt after breakups the most when their minds were idle rather than those who were focusing their minds on other things. This therefore means that you should at least be active in anyway possible. You can still do this by visiting some friends or following them to parties/graduations/birthdays or just by hanging out with them in public gatherings. By doing this, you will have very little or no time for your victim and may even come to realize that he/she was not even the best match for you. When Samira broke up with her guy it didnít take her that long to discover that her boyfriend was just the wrong type for her after meeting new faces and making some few friends.
  • Avoid romantic videos and music: During my counseling, I usually tell my clients that when trying to forget someone they love, they should also try to forget some of their hobbies such as any form of romantic movies, novels and music a while and if this is your situation, you have to do same. Look for anywhere and park them. This is so because when such things are seen, the sounds and images brought from them reflect the person youíre trying to forget thereby refreshing the recovering process.
  • Let your friends know your stand: Tell your friends what has happened. At least, they will act as some kind of entertainment and at the same time, as some form of distractions. They will certainly make you laugh and bring out your importance. However, when around them avoid topics about your victim. If a topic arises that will soon redirect to them, donít hesitate to also redirect the discussion. In order to avoid repetition of this in future just let them know you wonít want to ever talk about them again.

Final words on how to forget someone you love

As you can see from what is stated above you will continue to dwell with thoughts about your victim if you let your mind to be idle. Therefore, you have to get along with your daily activities as if nothing happened and thatís what courageous people do. If you were usually shy then this is the time to start socializing the highest with others. Try participating in public activities or find something you enjoy doing and concentrate there; something to keep your mind busy and focused.

If your mind is focused and concentrated on other things, it will definitely not have time for your victim and before you know, youíll be thinking about them once in a day. Very soon, once in a week and before you know they will completely wiped off your mind and at this moment, youíve already forgot about them.

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