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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to forget someone you like

How to stop loving someone you like

During my coaching sessions, I usually tell most of my clients that it takes just few days to forget someone you like if you don't fall somewhere along the wrong path.

Most who usually comply usually spam me with lots of 'thank you' comments. But the lagging few usually get stuck due to limiting beliefs, past poor experiences and programing from others who took almost months/years during the forgetting process.

That’s why people who managed to forget someone they like aren't those who based on their emotional guides but those who managed to apply the principles of recovery.

How to forget someone you like

Research shows that people who don't accept breakup occurrence are 95% likely to remained broken. This hampers the recovery process since in most cases these people are left with hopes and anxieties of getting back together.

Do you know that even 1% hope is sufficient enough to hinder the recovery process? In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I explained in details how to forget someone you like starts by eliminating future hopes, past and future visualization coupled with funny thoughts before the healing process begins.

Forget what you've been told

Another approach to forget someone you like is to understand that there's no such thing as "my soul mate" or "the one" concept. This concept gives rise to the fact that something is still exists. I usually explain in my coaching sessions how to break such habit.

So in order to get out of the mess, you have to believe, then understand that the whole deal is up and that nothing lasts forever. Even the best couple you know, at one point they part ways in order to achieve in some areas of their lives. Sometimes death even parts them.

To a greater extent, you may become consciously aware to realize that he wasn't even a potential partner else you wouldn't be thinking of how to forget him because it wouldn't have even occurred in the first place.

Sometimes, you just let things go the way they are without questioning or propping for answers. Further into this usually helps to fuel the mind.

He/she wasn't even the best

Why freaking around? Come to think of this, why are other lovers not scrambling over him? That's because he wasn't even the most handsome or beautiful person else he'd have won Mr handsome/Miss beauty or become famous or loved by everyone. Why isn't he experiencing any of these?

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The book 'Getting over your ex in few days' is by far the only book online that tackles the subject of forgetting someone in just few days, with simplified steps. The methods contained in it are methods that work and those who used it said same. See details...

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