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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to forget someone who broke your heart

How to get over someone who broke my heart

Is it possible to forget someone who broke your heart? Yes!! It’s totally free and very possible for anyone to get over breakup within just few days if he knows just the right things to do.

The reason most people are left broken hearted for more than the usual period is due to false belief and the concept of the one. They believe their partners are the only match for them and this kind of beliefs hinder them from the recovery process.

In two of my articles, 'How to forget someone you love' and 'Why do we fall in love?' I said that false belief of the one or soul mate concept make some people find it difficult when breakup accidentally occurs and I also explained how certain love criteria make us fall in love and how if someone matches the highest the criteria, we immediately find the person as a potential partner for us.

Step by step guide on how to forget someone who broke your heart

Forgetting someone is very simple, it’s not that difficult as how some people go defining it. Forgettting someone is nothing more than breaking the bridges, connections and all the links to each other. In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days', I said that one of the reasons people get hurt after breakups is rooted down on their past memories and their ex’s belongings and how getting over their victims starts by getting rid of these old memories and belongings. In simple words, before you can forget someone who broke your heart, you must get rid of every possible belongings of the person.

This therefore implies that, when it’s certain you don’t need him anymore, burn all his pictures, throw all the gifts, stop visiting the places both of you usually go, avoid his friends, don’t talk about him to anyone, avoid his roads, delete all the mails, delete his email, get rid of the text messages including his contact number etc. Imagine you’re browsing your note book and see his name, how would you feel?

It brings back all your victim’s images and memories to your mind thereby hindering the recovery process. Once you make sure they is no way to see or reach your victim, the sooner you start getting over him.

Use the right medium of entertainment

Another way which you can use to forget about your victim is by scheduling yourself in order not to fall into temptation and this is nothing more keeping yourself busy one way or the other. When I talk of temptation, I am talking about the methods you use to keep yourself funky. In this period of recovery, you have to stop listening to sad music, watching romantic videos, visiting his friends etc.

These are some of things, which really hinder many people from recovering over their loved ones (heart breakers) because they try to forget the past by keeping their selves busy by doing just the wrong forms of entertainment.

I always advice divorced victims and those who are in grieve after the death of their love ones that, the best way they can get over it fast is by spending time with people rather than staying alone or reading weird books under such situation. But when you are among people, especially friends, they distract you in many directions and sometimes, you guys may go outing.

And when you start going out, you may come to make few new friends and you will probably discover that the old partner was not even the best match for you. When going out, you will also realize that they’re many potential partners out there who can love you better and show you the true meaning of love.

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The book 'Getting over your ex in few days' is by far the only book online that tackles the subject of forgetting someone in just few days, with simplified steps. The methods contained in it are methods that work and those who used it said same. See details...

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