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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to forget someone fast

How to forget someone you love

I usually tell people that in order to forget someone fast, you don’t necessarily need to be a super human or study some kind of magical science but rather adapting to the rules makes you do it.

Forgetting someone is nothing more than the state, beliefs and circumstances you place yourself which then determine whether you're going to get over it.

In this article I'm going to be explaining on how you can forget someone fast without necessarily having to go beyond your boundaries.

All you need to comply with is to practically apply what is said. Applying it is neither difficult nor something people aren't doing. In fact, it's workable!

How to forget someone fast in your life

You'll forget about them only when you accept that the game is over and destroy every hope of being back. When you do that, you'll stop daydreaming, visualizing and thinking of them. In my book 'Getting over your ex in few days' I explained how 1% hope of getting back facilitates thousands of people remain heartbroken and how you can eliminate every hope and feeling of your victim.

Sometimes it's just better to let things go the way they are in order to feel right. That's just a short way of denoting that they weren't really your potential partner.

Before I got married to Amanda, I had been in other romantic relationships. Do you know what? These relationships only help to tear and make me go crazy with breakups. To certain extent I said I'd quit and although it wasn't that easy (at least, I'm tough now), I finally forgot them.

At least this process opens the gateway for other potential partners to notice me and not that long, I found Amanda and we really align to each other today.

Sometimes trying to forget someone may sound selfish but looking at it from the lens of your personal growth, you'll come to see that it helps remove you from the world of fantasies, helps you set realistic plans, and helps you live a focused life.

Think of their weaknesses

Another approach on how to forget someone fast is by reversing the old good memories. Using this approach you forget about all the good things and focused on their weaknesses. I know this process sounds weird but I don’t see any other way to put it.

Just visualize all what you've went through because of them, all the pains and social tortures because of them, how fruitful your life would have been today if you never knew them. just think of any!

There's a psychological reason behind this. It's true in life that when you've been told many odd things about a person, you soon tend to perceive the person in the same light and that's just how to forget someone fast works.

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