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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to find a soul mate

Finding a soul mate

When I talk on how to find a soul mate, I mean nothing but the process by which one can follow in order to attract someone dear in life. I also want you to know that if you’re still single; not yet married or involved in any relationship, it has nothing to do with your facial features or how your appearances are (I’m going to proof that later). It really doesn’t have anything in common.

If you’re still single, it’s just that you’ve not yet met the right person to cling. This is what this article will be covering; how to increase the chances of finding a soul mate. But before I let you understand better how to find a soul mate, it’s important I first let you know some of things people do that hinder them from attracting a soul mate.

Why can’t I find a soul mate?

Why am I not meeting the right people? Why can’t I fall in love with someone? Before you can understand this process better, you must first know why we fall in love only with certain people and not just anyone we come across. For example, if you were looking for a soul mate and found someone (the opposite sex), being so nice and loving, you won't fall for him if he doesn’t match your soul mate qualities/criteria.

Soul mate criteria are those qualities that we unconsciously search in others such as their traits, physical appearance, size, background, educational background, resourcefulness etc. before falling in love with them. Anyone who appears to match the highest of your soul mate criteria automatically becomes the best match and anyone not matching them to a certain degree will hardly be a better match. If the person appears to be too nice, he’d never go beyond a nice friend or Mr./Mrs. Nice guy, and it ends there. That’s fair enough.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how you can identify someone’s love criteria and use them against the person in order to make him fall in love with you without doing much.

The question of 'Why am I still single?' aren’t to be asked by those who sit 24/7 at home or the job side hoping to get a big knock on the door by their soul mates. Instead of spending time asking the wrong question, why not use this time going out and getting involved? But when those who are socially interactive or popular ask this same question, then this is because they’ve been going out but going the wrong places and meeting just the wrong set of people.

This is how to find a soul mate

Finding a soul mate for yourself is not that knotty as some people go defining it. It only appears to be so because they lack enough clues about the subject matter, but since you’ve landed at, be rest assured that you’d get just what you need. I won’t say I’ll explain all the methods in just one article, but the few I’m about to give are methods that work:

  • Who do you want to attract? What are the qualities you’re expecting from your soul mate? What are you looking in them? Is it their backgrounds, fame, resourcefulness, physical features, popularity, their coolness, or what? You have to be very switch in understanding this because, before you can find a soul mate, you must first know who you are and the nature of the person you intent to attract, right? So, in order not to fall for the wrong person, you must understand your love criteria since this is what that will guide you in finding the right match.
  • Start going the right places After examining yourself and those criteria of the other person as indicated above, you’d certainly know where such people reside. To do this, you’d need to improve on your self-confidence, will power, and courage. By doing this, you’d have to either take yourself up/down to their levels so as to be suitable. When you’re done with that, start visiting such places from time to time. For example, when a merchant is about to lunge a new business, he examines the type of business and considers who his customers are before going operational. If he discovers that the majority of his customers are youths, he’d start targeting his adverts towards schools, clubs, social networking sites etc. and the same thing happens when finding a soul mate. You also target where such people are, take yourself to their standards and start shooting. This opens the gateway to meet new faces and make new friends in your circle.
  • Socialization and finding a soul mate: From the above stated, you’ll notice that finding a soul mate won't work properly if you’ve not learned how to socialize often with other people. To summarize this you have to come out of your shell and start going out and meeting new faces. If your problem is that you’re not social, know that you’ve been avoiding people in most of your life and in order to break this spell, you must learn to interact, smile, and talk to others (see how to make real friends).

Final say on finding a soul mate

If you still can’t get into any social group, then start associating with your popular friends because by doing so, you’ll indirectly stand a better chance for you or your soul mate to discover each other. This is so because people tend to love those who are popular, friendly or interactive. If you managed to adapt yourself to some of these principles, within the shortest time possible, you’d get someone to call a soul mate.

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