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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to drive traffic to your website

How to drive traffic to your website

One of the reasons my website gets so much traffic while relatively new is not because I created a wonderful or super natural website. Nothing ever happens by chance. But it boils down to how I managed to drive much traffic to the website.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the methods I used when creating this website and how I managed to have returning visitors and also how you can use your visitors to make them become returning visitors.

I always tell people that driving traffic to your website is not something super natural or something which can’t be done by anyone.

All you need to do is to copy the examples of already successful people in the field and how you are going to do that is simple. This is because I happened to be one of the successful people online and I am going to explain to you some of the methods almost all bloggers went through including myself, right?

How to drive traffic to your website

Traffic through directories: One of the methods that really works well for almost every website is the act of driving traffic through website directories. This method is not only good at sending instant traffic but in the long run, it also contributes as to determine your search engine results and rank.

With this source of traffic, you submit your best articles or content including a link back to your website to website directories and when a reader reads it, if he is interested, he will use the link to come to your site and see more.

This means that, if that particular article brought back ten visitors a day and you submitted eleven of the articles, then in return, you will have one hundred and ten (110) visitors. Now, what if you posted eleven articles in each website directory and do so in many other famous website directories? What would be your traffic in return? Only you can tell!

Traffic through social networking websites

Almost everyone knows about social networking sites but very few people know that they can be used for website marketing. Yes! This is because many people just know and use them as a means to reach their loved ones but social networking sites go beyond just that.

One of the means by which you can drive traffic to your website is by placing social networking buttons on your site. This is because almost all of them offer buttons which bloggers can place on their websites to connect with their friends, relatives and the world just with a click on it.

A good example of this is the Facebook and Twitter buttons that all of us know very well. This buttons placed on your site help your visitors to easily share your content with others just by a click on it.

Drive traffic through good content

In almost all my articles on online marketing, I always emphasis on the issue of creating good contents. This is because the content or material of your website is the king. This is what is going to determine whether a visitor comes back or the reverse.

This means that, if you create a good and interesting content and just few people keep visiting the site each day, within a short period, your traffic will increase as they keep coming back and recommending it to others. Social networking methods won’t work best if you don’t first consider this step.

This is because, until people discover the benefit and usefulness of your website, they won’t share and recommend it to others.

Drive traffic through search engine

Driving traffic through search engine is a method which has really work best for me especially when I started this website. When I first started this website, one of the main difficulties I encountered was with the problem of traffic.

But when I read a small book published by Google, titled ‘Search Engine Optimization’, I realised I was doing just the reverse and so I corrected my wrongs and ranked well in their search result. In this book, I learnt how to stuff keywords in my articles and how to include the whole topic sentence in the body and as I comply with it, I succeeded.

This therefore means that, if you managed to include your major keywords in the body of your content, you will rank well in search result. This is a long process, but if you endure, it will be certain you will reap traffic tomorrow.

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