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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to drive instant traffic to your website

How to drive instant traffic to your website

One of the difficulties almost all new online websites face in their early days has to do with the problem of traffic. It is no wonder why many new websites easily bounce in and bounce out suddenly but this time, in the form of failure. This does not just happen by chance but for certain reasons.

It happens so based on certain criteria which many people fail to realize or consider before starting up a website. But the good news I have today is that, any website can be successful online if the expert behind it never follow the wrong procedures or steps.

It is for this reason in mind that I decided to write this article to show and explain how to drive instant traffic to your website without having to do much or go beyond the usual.

How to drive instant traffic to your website

Driving instant traffic to your website is not that difficult or something which is super natural or some kind of magical science which no one ever does.

In order for you to drive instant traffic to your website, all you have to do is to follow the below steps mentioned. Your success behind this is going to determine on your level and ability to practically apply the methods, right?

Instant question answering: Instant question answering is the method of going to self-help question and answer websites such as Yahoo Answers, AnswerBag and search for categories that you are familiar with and see if you can answer some of the questions. With this method of instant traffic building, you don’t just answer these questions and go away.

Instead, in return, you answer them and leave a link back to your website (the particular page) for more details. This was one of the methods I used when I started this website. I had to visit such sites like Yahoo Answers, Answer Bag, Blurtit etc. and try to answer the those questions I could and so leave links back to the specific pages as well.

For example, what I usually do was that, I will visit these sites and open such categories that I was really familiar with (relationship categories etc) and look for questions that I could tackle. And instead of tackling the questions direct, I would give certain answers that require further reading and when I do that, I will keep a link back to the page on my website that will grand them access to directly come to my site instantly.

This method of driving instant traffic has been a really good means of instant traffic to me because I never paid any penny or dime to anyone for marketing and this is exactly what you too can do.

What do I do? I have no traffic

You don’t necessarily have to do what I did in order to be successful. All you have to do is to create a free account with the above websites (Answerbag, Yahooanswers, Blurtit) and there you.

It is without doubt you are going to get instant traffic since these sites offer various categories to choose from. If you managed to answer one question and in return you get fifteen visitors, it certainly means that if you managed to answer addition ten questions a day, your overall traffic will be 15 times 10 which turns to be one hundred and fifty visitors a day (150). That is already enough to come just from one source of traffic, right?

Instant traffic through articles directories

Article directories are websites that are created with the purpose of accepting other websites and articles. This means that if you run an article website or a self-help website, you can submit the site or your content to these directories.

If you search online, you will see many of such websites available but I recommend Selfgrowth, Goarticles and Articlebase. There are thousands of website directories available but I recommend these ones because I know of them best and they work pretty well for me.

The nicest thing about them is that Google recognizes any link you place in your article during the posting process as legitimate one way backlink and this helps to rank your site in their search results. If you managed to apply all the methods I listed in this article and other related articles to this one, you will certainly reap instant traffic before you know it.

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