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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with difficult people

How to deal with difficult people

Have you ever seen someone who appears to be difficult? All my life, I have never come across any difficult or irrational person. I donít know why but I guess itís because of how I deal with them and before I know, they are normal people to me. Do you know that how you and someone interact determines how you are going to be treated?

The most obvious questions should be, why would someone tend to be difficult to certain people? Is there any essence behind their being difficult to others?

I want you to know today that a lot of reasons and factors contribute to influence such habit in a person to turn that way which am going to explain to you in this article.

Why do people become difficult to others?

Do you know that people suffering from one sided belief system tend to be difficult on to others? These are people who believe they are always right in almost everything while other people are not. If you try to proof them, they tend to be difficult to you. When you find someone being hard to get along, know that he sees you as an opponent in one way or the other.

One of the reasons people become difficult to others is lack of ability to determine their future. They always live with fear of the future. They only know how to speculate the future. For example, if their realized you are going to be some kind of opponent tomorrow, they tend to be difficult with you.

For the third group, they were born with pure wickedness and jealousy. There is no way for me to put it a better form but in that manner. Yes, if not, why would someone who doesnít know you, sees you the very first time and start behaving in a certain way? If he was not born to be a difficult person, then without doubt, it boils down to wickedness as a result of jealousy, right? He sees something in you he doesnít expect.

How you can successfully deal with difficult people in life

Most people donít really know us the way we know ourselves. This happens mostly with relatives, our difficult bosses and landlords, etc., they think they know enough of us which they donít. So in order to deal with them, you must also make them understand who you are (your type).

Do you know that our habits, the way we behave, dress, walk, talk, explain many things about us to others? In this situation, if they notice that you are the type they can toy with, they will see it as an opportunity to cease your right, treat you poorly and in some circumstances they will even appear to be very hard with you etc.

So in order to successfully deal with difficult people, you must make them see your category by changing certain aspects of your personality until you now find yourself at the desired level else they will continue in that manner.

If no way out, just let it go like that

Another way you can successful deal with difficult people is to let it go. Yes, if you tried every possible ways to get along with someone who appears to have unchangeable nature, then the only thing will be to let it go.

When I was in college, I had a part time job with one of the companies in town. It did not take me that long to discover that my boss was appearing to very difficult to understand. Every day, he comes up with another character. Everything about him irritates me. I tried every method I could and did some counseling, but it was certain that that is what he is (a dictator), so I quit the job and got another one.

Sometimes, letting go appears to be the most answer. For example, if the person is unreachable (probably of high authority) or that he doesnít want to listen to anything or anyone, then letting go is the solution and that is what I did.

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