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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to deal with criticism

Dealing with criticism

Unlike dealing with rejection or shyness, do you know that dealing with criticism is nothing different? Itís nothing more than understanding your opponentís perspectives, standpoint and the forces behind their objectives. Dealing with criticism is not something that canít be learnt or thought.

Today in this article, I am going to explain some of the reasons why someone may criticize you and how you can successfully reverse it from affecting you even by just a bit, right? So, all you have to do is to take note of the points and practically apply them.

But before I do that, I will first explain to you some of the reasons that cause people to criticize others.

What makes people to criticize others?

In one of my articles, 'What causes criticism?', I explained how past failures in getting what we wanted in life coupled with lack of self-esteem helped in developing the habit of criticism and criticizing people. I also explained how jealousy contributes in this regard but prior to that, there are other factors such as accumulated anger and the rest.

Do you know that past accumulated anger is one of the major spices that evokes people to criticize others? For example, Marylyn snatched Melisaís boyfriend and Melisa became so angry that anytime she sees her, she cursed and criticized her for what she has done to her. It reached a certain level where Marylyn criticize and coursed anyone who looks like Melisa. In this case, what if you were looking like Melisa to her?

The truth is that she will equally do the same to you. But does that mean you actually did it? So, we can say that accumulated anger coupled with past failures are some of the reasons why people may criticize others.

How to deal with criticism

Do you know that in most cases, people who criticize others are suffering from that particular problem? For example, in order for one politician to gain the support of the citizens, he criticizes the ruling man in order for people to see something wrong, right? But at the same time, that is where his problem lies.

To me, when I see someone criticizing another person, I see regret; wishing to be in his place. And that is why in most of my coaching sessions, I always tell people to first of all understand the reason behind the personís point of view. If he is trying to say nothing important, just ignore him and continue your activities.

This is because, if you try to please him, how long would you do that? So, I see no way out rather than just ignoring them like that. After all, people who take their time criticizing others are really those who need help. Yes. I see something wrong with a fellow human being spending time talking about the activities of others.

Work on your self-confidence

Another way you can easily deal with criticism is to work on your self-confidence . When you are confident about yourself, you donít really need someone to tell you who or what you are. Thatís fair enough. In one of my articles 'How to deal with difficult people', I talked on how you can deal with irrational and difficult people and this same approach sometimes applies to critics.

In order to deal with criticism, you have to improve on your self-confidence. Because I am too confident in myself, whenever someone criticizes me, I just turn then down. I just assume that they are suffering from pressure and problems. Whenever someone criticizes you, just understand that he is unconsciously telling you that that is where his problem lies.

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