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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to curse someone

How to curse someone using psychology

This article isn't intended to curse people negatively. It's aim at cursing people positively; a way to change their minds. And also to defend yourself whenever someone tries to curse you.

I don't teach black magic or some kind of spell but rather how you can use the power of psychology to curse someone positively - just as a way to motivate him.

Cursing someone using psychology is nothing more than programming his mind using the power of words.

Do you know that everyday people get cursed even without knowing? Do you know that some of your characters might have been due to psychological curse from someone?

How to curse someone

Some times parents curse children without knowing. That's why the correct definition of parent isn't just someone who managed to have kid(s) but someone who managed to raise them properly.

Because of some parents inability to mold their children's personality, they tend to curse them the other way round. Let's say a child makes a mistake and instead of correcting the child the parent screams or say some hideous words.

On the other flip, the child has been cursed just like that. He might grow up believing that life isn't about making mistakes. What if the child wanted to start a new business and somewhere along the line he blunders?

The child might tend to give up due to parental curse that one shouldn't make mistakes.

Just as a parent can unconsciously curse his/her kid(s) in various ways you can still use this approach to curse someone. All you need to do is to keep repeating a phrase to them until they start believing and reflecting it in their lives.

How to curse someone using psychology

The human mind is easy to be influenced because people tend to believe what resonate with their mindsets. In my book The Minds of Busy People, I said that if someone believes that he lacks confidence, he sees hundreds of facts everyday to prove his belief.

This means that if you see someone's weakness and want to curse him, just start repeating a certain phrase to him is sufficient to curse him.

Lazarus wanted to curse Emma and so he started telling his friend Emma in a friendly tone that he's a reckless driver. One day he had an accident and from then he believed Lazarus. But this was just a curse because Emma was a good driver and one never knows what's going to happen when on the steering.

To certain extent this curse targeted Emma for life because he had to quit steering. Same thing happens in love relationship. Vera's friends usually reminded her that she wasn't good looking. They made her believe the relationship existing between her and her few dozen guys were born from pity.

Not that long she was cursed to believe that she wasn't attractive but does that mean she wasn't good looking? Her friends were jealous and wanted to make her look inferior.

Final say on how to curse someone

As you can see cursing someone psychologically is nothing more than programming their minds until they start seeing from your own lens. Even a joke is sufficient to curse someone.

Just by telling someone jokingly that "Hahaha, do you know that you're a big..." is enough to curse him whenever something happens that resonates with what you said.

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