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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to cope with parents' divorce

How to cope with parents' divorce

Most of the times, parents have always kept their problems hidden. Moreover, even when they squabble, it may still come as a surprise when they divorce. When parents or close relative divorce, it's normal for you to be going through unwanted feelings.

What I do disagree is when the fact of the divorce won't let you be yourself, but today I will explain some steps which you can bring your parents together and this will only happen if the marriage was not based on external factors.

Put your best in action.

As your parents, you stand a good chance knowing their good and bad mode. Find a period when you think is appropriate and talk it out with each of them for an hour or more.

Express your mind sincerely. Make them to know how confused you are over their split up. Finally make them to see enough reasons why they should to come back.

What if they won't come back? In a situation when it's certain that they won't come back, then it means that their relationship was built on external factors (See Why hurts after break-ups) If this is the case, it does not mean that your life can not be a fruitful and happy one.

Do not loiter all your activities. Mobilized yourself and get rid of any negative emotions as grief, pain, anger and get on with your life. Get involved in your activities and your normal hobby.

Time heals all wounds

Dwelling on how life used to be and dwelling on the past will blind you from seeing the present and the future. Accepting the fact and the permanence of the divorce is a big step. As time goes on all the widespread, depressed, shock will all disappear.

Time will also pass before your parents will be back on ground emotionally before they may start giving you the needed support.

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