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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to choose a soul mate between two lovers

How to choose a life partner between two lovers

Has there ever been a time that you’ve been attracted to multiple partners at once, and you know that most of them, if not all, love you? Most of us know about this better, but the difficult part is how to do the scanning in order to know which of them really possess true love.

This is because, in most cases, we’re overwhelm with lots of concern and attention coming all round. That’s why the scanning process tends to be somehow tedious when it comes down to marital choices.

But since you’ve landed at, be rest assured because this is what this topic is going to be covering today. Today, I’d show you some of the easiest ways on how to choose a soul mate between two lovers. At least, this would save you time working along the path unsuccessful people took and only regreted when there wasn’t any turning back.

How to choose a soul mate between two lovers

In order to make the choice, the first thing you have to do is to analyze your relationship with each of your lovers. You have to be conscious of what you want from them or the relationship and be certain they love you; no body wants to end up choosing the one that doesn't possess true love (see Signs to show that someone loves you). Know which of the them are closest to you and find the ones that are serious not only about you nor the present moment, but those who look into the survival of the future ahead of time.

But before you can effectively choose among them, you have to put certain questions into consideration. Ask yourself: Which makes me happy? Which one would I want to spend time with, what about him/her that makes me happy? (see How to choose a life partner)

True love is never hurt by time

Another way on how to choose a soul mate between two lovers is to let some time to pass. During this period, you have the chance to test each of them in different circumstances and time of the day by flirting and hanging out with them and see how it works without making them have any clue about your mission, right? But remember not to over do it. Just keep it cool.

After you’ve known how each of them behave and feel about you, you can now start making your choice. But in doing so - be careful, this is an important decision which once made can’t be reversed. So when making your decision, forget about what other people recommend or say, you’re the one that’s going to wear the shoe. Forget about what you usually see on TV, this is the real world and real facts must be applied. Forget about Mr./Mrs. X’s relationship looks like, this is your own, don’t copy. Don’t even try to.

Stop living on fantasies. Consider who you really want to spent the rest of your life with. Consider who’s suitable to be the mother/father of your kids tomorrow. Consider who’s really responsible and can take care of the family even in your absence. When all these criteria are considered, look who’s likely not to cheat on you in future and start making the conclusion from there, right?

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