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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to choose a domain name

How to choose a domain name

One of the worries which usually confronts most website owners in their early days or when about to create their second/third websites has to do with the name of the site; what domain name will be suitable for it. This happens so because they have to consider many factors before concluding the rightful name.

But with the case of newbie, they don’t find this as one of their problems since they just go ahead and give it any name that sounds better to their eyes. To me, many of them can’t really be blamed because at this moment, they know/have very little or no knowledge about SEO nor online marketing.

This is why, in this article, I am going to explain to you how to choose a domain name and some of the factors that determine a good domain for your website, right? But for those who already have a domain name, I will not tell you to change this name nor to advise you to purchase a second one, but I will let you know what to in order to let your contents match your site’s name, right?

How to choose a domain name

Before you can effectively come out with a good domain name that matches your website, you must consider what the site is all about. For example, if your website talks about playing baseball, won’t it make sense to at lease include one of the main keywords (baseball, play, ball) in your domain name?

This does not just happen by chance. This is because, when someone sees your domain name, just by its name, the person can just imagine what your site is all about even without or before browsing it.

For example, the name of this website is and this name did not come by chance or some kind of luck. When I was about to start this website, I did not know the domain name but I knew what the website will be all about.

I knew the main aim behind it will be to teach people what they don’t know and how to improve on the ones they know and so, I discovered that Know and How will be included in the domain name before anything can follow.

How to choose a domain name based on SEO

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the manner or process by which search engines determine/process or rate your contents/website on their search results or in their data base.

Following the SEO methods, when your domain name matches most of the contents on your website, the probability that when someone search a certain key phrase, your website will appear on the first page is very high.

For example, if the name of your website was or and the site focuses on baseball, then, someone searches a key phrase like 'how to play baseball', the probability that your website will rank well in the search result is very high because some of those key words are not only included in your content, but also in your domain name. And this makes search engines’ robots know that your site is actually talking about it. If it were humans, they will just come and check. But now that it is robots, you have to dance their dance.

My website already has a domain name

As I said earlier, with the case where your website already has a domain name, there is no need changing it or spending further dollars for a new one. Insane!!

All you have to do is to mix the main key word of your domain name inside your materials. If you are running a self-help website like this one or any other that has to do with writings, this method will work well. Just come up with new materials that are well stuffed with your domain name and that’s just all.

In this case, write other articles and in the body of your content, mix the main keywords of your domain name and before you know, they will start appearing on search results when someone searches some thing related to that, ok? And that’s what you determine before choosing a domain name for your website.

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