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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to build self-confidence

Building self-confidence

Do you know that unlike any other feelings, self-confidence is also a state of mind one creates about himself? If this statement is true it equally means that if you can create new habits for yourself, you can equally build self-confidence, right?

Building self-confidence is not something which canít be done or something over weird. Building self-confidence is nothing more than debugging your inner-self and in return, influencing your belief system with positive thoughts and desires and this can only be done with the use of the subconscious mind

In this article, I am going to explain to you how you can stay involved with your day-to-day activities and in return, build a strong and unchallengeable self-confidence.

How to build self-confidence

The process of building self-confidence is not some kind of difficult science, all you have to do is to practically apply the methods listed below and before you know, you will appear to become a confident person among your friends and others.

  • You donít have to talk much: Have you noticed that most people who are confident about themselves donít really talk much? In most cases, you will see that most people who tend to talk too much are the ones suffering from lack of self-confidence. Confident people donít necessarily have to over talk to let others know they are confident. So, if you managed to stay under control when it comes to matters of talking, people will know this about you without having to talk much or shouting.
  • Talk confidently: Do you know that you can spot out a person who feels confident just the way he/she stalks? You just know it without having to confirm this from someone. This therefore means that if you manage to talk among others in a confident manner, display confident body posture, know just what to say, your subconscious mind will soon believe this in you. And this is one of the main reasons why most famous and renowned stars or celebrities tend to be confident because of how they talk and interact with their body postures which make them feel confident about themselves.
  • Walk quickly: One of the ways on how to build self-confidence has to do with how you place your footsteps and you will notice this with most confident people. Because almost all confident people know just where they are going to, they usually walk faster than an average person heading somewhere. This therefore means that, if you were a slow walker, try to increase your footsteps from now even if youíre just strolling around.
  • Dress decently: Do you know that the way we dress influence our state of mind? And thatís why each dress we put on gives us a certain degree of satisfaction at the time and also, how we dress projects our state of mind on to others, right? So, in order to always feel confident about yourself, dress decently.
  • I can do it! In order to feel confident about yourself, you have to first of all get rid of all negative and weird feelings and beliefs about yourself that make you believe you cannot do certain things and this is one of the factors which highly hinders self-confidence. This therefore applies that, if you start believing that you can equally do what others do, your confident level will increase because of these positive thoughts and thatís how you build self-confidence just like that.
  • Build strong ego system: In one of my articles, ĎWhy criticism hurtsí, I said that one of the reasons we get offended over criticism usually boils down to lack of self-confidence and thatís why most people suffering from the lack of self-confidence usually feel bad after being criticized while itís the exact reverse with people who managed to build solid self-confidence.

Final words about building self-confidence

As you can see from the above mentioned, building self-confidence is nothing more than the state of your mind you create.

This means that if you manage to use the above mentioned to influence your mindís state, you will not only become confident, but you will as well develop a strong ego against criticism and other forms of critical comments from others.

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