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Written by: Raymond Fohjem - April 14th, 2013

How to boost your mental goals

How to boost your mental plans

Last Sunday, I wasn't in the mood to attend our usual Sundays’ meetings at the kingdom hall. This morning, I also decided not to either. I'm a loyal witness. In fact, since I realized the truth about a second world that is no part of this wicked system. My absence surges due to the fact that i exhausted my mental energy on some other persuades that gave me very little or no zeal to prepare the Sundays' Watchtower.

You may consider this as some kind of betrayal but I'm only human subjected to flaws as well. But looking at it from another view point, the downtime I experienced in the house wasn't that wasted after all. It gave me some mental boost. Not only did i prepare the Watchtower for the next Sunday but i was able to prepare it for the next three Sundays.

Sometimes, in order to achieve certain mental goals such as if you're a student hoping to score a better grade or you're someone trying to manifest a certain goal or that you're thinking of how to start something new or set up a new business etc., it's but normal to once in a while experience some mental rest. This might sound as some kind of time consuming but in the long run, manifesting mental goals without mental breaks only assures inevitable failure.

Steps on how to boost your mental goals

The first step is to make sure your mental plans are workable and can be applied. I got a double certificate in college in just two years, something which would have taken a normal student seven years. I couldn't have achieved that goal without making sure my mental goals were applicable and very possible.

One way to easily boost your mental goals is by setting clear goals in the first instance. Just turn around and ask yourself; is what I'm trying to manifest possible? Are other people doing it? Are they others who managed to make it successfully? What are my strategies of achieving it? If you get the answers to these igniting questions, then you're half way towards its physical manifestation.

When you're done with that, it's time you start getting used to some mental rests. If you think you can easily attain success by visualizing constantly, then in rare cases would you attain efficient success. You can still arrive success by constantly exhausting your mental energy but that can only apply in situations where your goals weren't that tedious. This approach is best when setting easy goals. But if you're thinking of a project or thinking of how to set up something new, then it's very ok to always experience some interval mental rest. At least, a time to refresh your mental energy.

This is the period where you drift your thoughts on some other areas like visiting some friends/relatives/colleagues, chatting online, hanging out, going to the gym etc. Let's say you're thinking how to set up a new stream of passive income and the results aren't flowing, then it's ok to once in a while shift your thoughts away even for a day. The more the plans get cluttered from attainment, the more you'll have to experience mental breaks as well. This doesn't mean letting go. Mental rest here is just a player that gives you the time to refresh your mental energy and bounce back with some new and refreshing ideas.

Today, almost everyone knows I managed to build a successful site. Everyone is entitled to his/her own thinking. This site didn't pop up like that. In fact, the idea of starting a website flashed in my mind way back in 2009 and since then it was nothing more than mental visualization.

My mental energy was usually exhausted on how the site's design would look like, what the content would be, the style, the programing, marketing strategies etc. During this time i experienced mental downtimes almost daily and sometimes i even let the idea skip off for weeks till i was finally done with the mental aspect and it was time to launch it. Eventually the site was launched in March 2011.

Finally, live a healthy life

When trying to boost your mental goal, take interval breaks when necessary, exercise well, sleep a lot and eat foods (that's a topic on its own) that can boost you. In most instances, visualize when alone in quite environment. When you do that, you'll start seeing the physical manifestation of your mental goals.

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