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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become wise

How to become wise

Do you know that wisdom is one of the easiest things to achieve without doing so much? Many people I know are unaware of this. Being wise is nothing more than changing the way you observe things and how you go about reasoning and interacting.

Before I let you know how to become wise I also want to let you know that many people are unwise and therefore, becoming wise will make them see you as a different person and in some circumstances, you may have clashes with them probably due to reasoning level.

But one thing I can still guarantee you is the fact that very soon, they will come to understand that youíre only behaving in the path of wise people.

The benefit of becoming wise

When you are wise you benefit so much in life. For example when you are wise, you easily win arguments, you gain authority of others, you know exactly what to do with your life, from present circumstances you easily speculate the future or end of many things, even to gain happiness in life.

In the book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how a person can use wisdom to manipulate certain external and internal factors in his life so as to attract someone whom he loves. When you are wise you tend to attract so many friends (if you want) and thatís the same reason why all most all wise persons tend to be very popular in their community.

Just look around and you will see the benefit of wisdom from wise men around you (that is if you manage to come across one).

How to become wise

As I said before, becoming wise is not that difficult as people may believe, itís just about understanding few things and youíre there, right? The steps below will act as some kind of start to you:

  • Follow the steps of wise people: I use to tell my relatives and friends that thereís no way you can successfully excel in anything without first being in the field and the same thing happens with wisdom. You canít just be and expect to become wise just like that. In order to do that, you must follow the footsteps of wise people to become wise as them. And thatís the same reason why when a student makes friend with an intelligent student, he also tends to be intelligent as well.
  • Do research, read and apply: Another way of doing this is by reading educative books written by wise people. You can get them in libraries, book shops or even online. Just Google it online and you will get variety of them. Just reading them doesnít end there, you have to read and try to apply their thoughts in your life and this is nothing more than practically applying them and thinking like them.
  • Be cautious about your time: In the domain of wisdom, wise people believed that nothing is done in haste, everything goes in a gradual process. For example, if you were given a test that requires you to do it within 60mins and you take 40mins to finish it, you doní have to pass it (thatís what they believe). Rather rushing to pass it, a wise man will take the rest 20mins to go over against any error thereby making sure he succeeds. So, becoming wise has to do with cautiousness.
  • Understand others: If you ever managed to ask a wise person how they behave with everyone, they will probably give you a very simple answer. They will say something like this we try to understand the person and from there we know how to interact with him. In order to be wise you have to first understand people so that you donít create misunderstandings. This is because as you start walking in this path, you will tend to face problems dealing with people due to your level on reasoning contrary to theirs.

The above steps will act as some kind of help and starting point in assisting you in this process. This therefore means that the more methods you apply the higher your chances. So apply them practically and you will become wise!!

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