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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become rich online ll

Becoming rich online

This article is the continuation of my previous version, How to become rich online. In the previews version, I talked on some of the ways in order to become rich online and in this article, I am going to continue from where time caught me.

But before I continue, why do you think some people managed to become rich and famous online while this statement is the exact opposite of others?
If some people succeed and others fail, is it that some were luckier than others?
Does money follow certain people only?
Does money have principles which one must follow?

In one of my articles, Why am I not lucky?, I explained that everyone was born lucky and the reason why others feel unlucky or cheated is that, they never managed to make use of their chances or put their best effort into place. And this is the truth as to why some people are always left behind when money is concerned.

How to become rich online

In this article, I am going to explain some of the major ways in becoming rich online and the step-by-step process to do this, right?

But before I do, I want you to know that, these methods work well and so, all you have to do is to practically put them into action and experience the end result for yourself, right? At least, you will be the one to tell others.

  • Program your mind: When I talk about program your mind I am talking about nothing but looking at this process as long time project. This is because, there is no such thing as get rich overnight or get rich quick. If anyone tries to persuade you into thinking such thing actually exist, just know that either its a scam or hes a scammer, right? Else he would have become a millionaire far long before trying to persuade you. So, in order to become rich online, program your mind that it doesnt just happen that quick or overnight. It is totally possible to become rich and famous online, but it requires a little more time to do that.
  • Sell ads space: Why do you think some website owners prefer not to place adverts all over their websites but prefer to sell but the ad space to others? The answer is not difficult. If you noticed that placing ads on your pages is going to occupy additional spaces while others are willing to pay respectable amount for that same space, why not sell it to them? You can go to your website and reserve certain spaces and place an empty picture indicating to the public to advertise their websites or products there. If you dont know how to do this, you can see a sample here.
  • Sell affiliate programs: Another easy way on how to become rich online is by selling affiliate programs. I call it easy because, with this method, you dont have to waste your time creating products or some kind of services. For example, if your website has to do with something like articles, all you have to do is to look for other websites that are inline with yours and become affiliated to them. If you cant find one, you can just go to Amazon and there, you will see all varieties of E-products etc.
  • Sell report: Selling report alone cant really make you rich or make enough money for yourself but it can buy you a small nice car, right? I know of people who depend only on selling written reports to magazine sites or become an author behind article websites. So if you believe you have some specialties in some areas of life, just write and sell them. After all, money is money and this is what you want, right?
  • Monthly subscription: With this method, you reserve certain facilities or options on your websites as paid options and in this, you make a monthly fee for it. For example, I am presently carrying out personal development coaching in my local community and I usually charge them a monthly fee of $20 until when the subscription period is over or when they stop it. Now, what about you? Is there anything your visitors need which you can actually be billing them monthly for? This method works well because its very certain, every month your bank account will be accumulating as long as they continue with the subscription.

Final words on becoming rich online

As you have just seen, becoming rich online or being famous has nothing to do with luck because anyone can successfully do it if he/she wants to.

After all the ways given on how to become rich on the internet, the reason why some people still do not manage to make it lies with the false and weak belief system they hold against themselves or about money.

Making money online is totally free and very easy. I am talking out of experience since I am one of those who managed to do it and those are some of the methods I used.

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