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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become rich online

How to make money online

They are very few or no one behind a website, who can openly challenge me that one of his reasons setting up a website is not money. After all, how many people hate money? If anyone says yes, then, he/she doesn’t have to possess even a penny.

There are many ways of becoming rich whether in the real world or the online world. But one of the easiest ways happens to be in the online world. Yes. This is because, if you managed to make a successful website that attracts a good number of traffic per day, the end result will be nothing but money, money and money, right? I am talking out of experience.

In this article, I am going to show you some of the points on how to become rich online, and not only that, but I am going to explain these points so that you get the best of it, right?

This is how to become rich online

Just by following what is stated below, you will be working on the path of money. Remember that if you try to go deep into the history of those who managed to become rich online, you will discover that the below mentioned are some of the things which they did and nothing else.

  • Ask for donation: One of the major ways many websites have succeeded to make their owners become rich online is the act of donation. Have you ever asked yourself why website such as Wikipedia managed to generate so much money? It is without doubt that Wikipedia along is already making thousands of dollars a month, if not more than that. So, if your website provides certain kind of services to the general public, you can go ahead and place donation button to start generation respectable amount for what you offer.
  • Sell products or services: Have you noticed that the majority of websites try to sell some kind of products, if not to you, to others? Do you think they just needed you to get maximum satisfaction? Away from that! It’s because they want to become rich online that they try to sell something to you and nothing more. Now, what about you? What are you selling? One of the easiest ways to effectively make money online is to sell something to people which can benefit them and from there, they will always exchange their money for your products or services. Just sell anything, even it is E-book or what, just sell it.
  • Sell membership: Another good method on how to become rich online is by reserving certain areas or options in your website for registered or paid members. This method works very well because, if you managed to provide real value to people and reserve certain options and ask for their money, they will happily pay for that without being persuaded. This was one of the ways my friend managed to make much money online through his website and so encouraged me.
  • Making money through ads: Another way you can become rich is by placing adverts on the pages of your site. This method works well when your site is already receiving a good number of traffic a day. Although placing ads alone can’t make you become rich online now, but yet it can still buy you a small BMW.

Ultimate words on becoming rich online

As you can see, becoming rich online is not difficult as the majority of people believe it to be. Far from that! If you really want to become rich, you can if you want. You don’t necessarily have to do some weird or hideous things before you succeed. Far from that!

In order to succeed in the online world or make money, you just have to follow those steps mentioned above and before you know, money will no more be one of your problems, ok?

Becoming rich online is a big topic which just an article like this can not be able to cover. It is because of this reason that I have also come up with the part 2 of this version. You can get the second part here (How to become rich online ll)

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