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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become less vulnerable to problems

How to become less vulnerable to problems

Have you ever wondered why some problems face just certain people? Do you know that itís totally possible to become less vulnerable to problems? Do you know that behind the problems people face, there is always a reason?

And if thatís true, it means most problems in life are being influenced by us one way or the other. And if that is also true, it means we can become less vulnerable to problems if we want to.

You cannot completely escape from problems in life but at the same time, you can minimize them and this is nothing more that adjusting few things in your life which I am going to explain to you in this article.

Why do we become victims to problems?

Before I let you know how to become less affected with problems, I must first let you understand why we become victims to it. In most cases, this will have to do with how we go about interacting or associating with people that leads to problems.

For example, if someone finds comfort among the mist of pagans, the probability that he will believe God doesnít exist is high and the reward is that he becomes totally active in sins and all of us know that sins draw us to problems and the same thing happens with wrong investments, bad friends, etc.

If you discover that your friend is not your type and continue with him, itís certain that you will be drawn to problems since either of you is forcing the other and that are some of the ways by which people become vulnerable to problems which they could avoid.

How to become less vulnerable to problems in life

I canít try to convince you that you can completely escape away from problem since some naturally just appear like accident, certain kind of diseases, etc. but at the same time, I can still guarantee that you can become less affected by them.

In order to become less affected to problems, the first thing to take note is to consider how you go about doing things in life. For example, if you involved in any risk affair, the probability that you will be faced with pile of consequences (problems) tomorrow is very high compared to someone who takes things in a gradual process and certain of the outcome.

The same thing happens with the person mentioned in the above example. If he knew that his companions were pagans and decides to quite the group, he will tend to believe in the existence of God thereby avoiding wrong doings, right?

Even in business, the same thing happens. If a good merchant wants to invest in a certain type of business, he will first carry out research and studies in that business so as to be sure. You will also realize that he will face very little or no problem at all while investing in the business.

To summarize this short, the only way to be become less vulnerable to problems is nothing more than becoming totally conscious of whatever youíre doing, right? That way, you will be on safe side.

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