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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become less victim to thieves

How to become less target to thieves

Research shows that many people become victims to thieves not because they possess much or that they're potential victims but due to mere careless.

Many of us would have prevented thieves in the first place if we knew how to become less victim to thieves. That's why people who usually take certain precautions are likely to survive most attempts.

Today I'm going to show you how human psychology can help you become less vulnerable to thieves; how you can use your body postures to indirect let thieves know that you're too confident for them.

How to become less victim to thieves

One of the ways you can avoid attempt in the first place is by using confident body postures. You don't necessarily need to apply them all but you just need to walk confidently.

Research also shows that people who tend to walk with straight backs are usually perceive by others as being confident. Before a thief attacks he must have already spotted you as a potential victim.

When you walk with your back straight up, you equally give an impression to others watching you that you're in total control of yourself. This one aspect is sufficient enough to let you avoid them in the first place.

How carelessness makes you a potential victim

A thief going back home is likely to steal from someone if he gets an added advantage. Do you know that a thief can still a whole car just because you left a bag on the seat? Research still shows that thieves are more likely to steal when they get an added bonus.

Because of the bag he might be motivated that something big may come out from it and in the process of getting the bag away, the car is gone as well.

The same thing happens with a lady swinging her handbag loosely, is she not making herself vulnerable to thieves? It's also the same thing when we're living in an unsecured environment when we know we could get an apartment somewhere.

As with the previous illustrations, what if the car wasn't parked there or that the bag wasn't left there, would there be any attempt in stealing the car? What if we lived in a secured environment, would we be afraid of getting robbed? What about the lady, what if she held her bag tightly, would she become a potential victim? That's how people become victims to thieves because of something that should have been avoided in the first place.

How you can become less vulnerable to thieves

If you want to avoid becoming a prey to thieves, avoid getting yourself into things that can attract their attentions. Researchers all show that a thief is likely to steal from you when his identity won't be revealed. This equally means that thieves are best motivated to steal from you when they find you in a dark cover.

Also the issue of carrying large sum of money makes you become a potential victim. The purpose of their intention is money and seeing you with such amount makes them go mad, avoid that is the first place.

Stealing doesn't end in the real world as the internet isn't left out. Do you know that hackers get your credentials when you shop online on a non-hacker-safe website? In order to become less victim to thieves, always take precautions when you're dealing with strangers or when matter of money is concerned.

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