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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become important in life

Becoming in important in life

Why do we see some people as being important and others as just any other person? Do you know that there are many reasons which account for this? I always tell my students that one of the most important reasons which makes us important in life is through the way in which we interact with people coupled with unique factors about us.

Although the minority of them never believed me, still, at the same time they are also aware that important people in life possess something which people perceive them as being important in life and that is just what am going to be talking in this article; how you can possess certain things in order for other people to see you as being important.

All of us have different desires

Before I let you know how to become important in life, I also want you to understand that all of us have certain areas in our lives that we want to be respected there. For example, a certain girl might want her boyfriend to see her important.

While for someone, he may want to become important among his friends and for the third group, they may want to attain importance in order to attain certain titles or positions in the community. While each of us may want importance for our various reasons, still there are many ways in which we can get there, right?

How you can become important to others

In order for you to become important in life, you have to proof to your opponents or victims that you are qualified and there are many ways in which you can do this. One of the easiest ways in doing this is nothing more than adjusting many things in your life and project the feelings you want for yourself on to others.

This therefore means that if you start dressing decently, talk less in public, be assertive etc. , people will tend to respect you. Another way you can still do this is by acquiring enough knowledge of just what to say and speak confidently among them. This is because; in life, people tend to see others who possess something extra ordinary as being respectful.

When people discover that you have enough knowledge for something more than they do, they automatically see you as being important and in return, they’ll give you the desired respect, right? So, in order to become important in life and to others, you have to find a way of attracting their attention anyway you can.

Do or start doing something new and important

Another way in which you can become important in life is to start or do something unique and others will know you for that. In one of my articles, 'How to make people respect you ', I said that people only tend to respect others only when they managed to do something unusual and that is why most respected people in life tend to be those who managed to do something in life, right?

Just look around and try to spot out one important person then try to reason out why he tends to be important to others. In one way or the other, you will see that maybe he managed to obtain great wealth, highly intelligent/educated, managed to have important people as friends, his ability to socialize etc.

This therefore means that if you manage to do something new or unusual among your friends, in the community, in school, which is positive, they will see you as being important to them.

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