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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to become happy in life

How to become happy in life

If you're not happy in life, know that this is a symptom indicating that you're not living your real purpose. I always tell my friends and relatives that life is full of problems and temptations and those who survived them aren't those without problems nor temptation but those who managed to deal with them.

Somebody once asked me that why is it that opportunity only comes once while problems hit our doors daily. I admired his question but to certain extent, his question isn't universal. Just a fraction of people agree with this statement.

In one of my articles "Why life is unfair?" I said that opportunities never stop hitting us. The only reason we're not seeing it is because, many people do certain things that hinder them.

The same thing happens with happiness as well. The reason the majority of people become unhappy in life happens to be when they harbour such belief. The first stage of becoming happy in life is by eliminating false beliefs about life. Look at life from the right perspectives so that you'll comply according to life's principles. Unlike other protocols, life has its own protocols that guide us.

How to become happy in life

In the article "How to live a better life" I said that living a better life is nothing more than spotting out the things that are pulling you down and what you need to make life better and start tackling them. And the same procedure happens if you want to be happy.

Start eliminating any obstacle that's holding you from achieving happiness. Knowing this isn't something difficult nor something which can't be done. Just start by asking yourself; what makes me unhappy? What's hindering me from attaining life's happiness?

When you've gotten the answers, start sorting it out from there. Let's say you're not happy because of your busy work schedule, then by scheduling yourself or quitting the job will certainly do that. If you noticed that you're usually tied up with family affairs its time you start taking some break if that's how it's going to be.

Start taking actions today

In order to be happy in life, you must know what you want in life or the things that make you happy and start taking actions. Let's say you can only be happy in life if you got into a relationship with a certain boy/girl, why not go straight and tell them how you feel? If you can only be happy if you lose weight, why not start today? Same thing happens if your problem is that you're not into your life career, why not start making arrangements for that if that's what you really want?

All my life I've never worked full time. I guess it was because i never liked the idea of working for someone, even the government. So after school, I dived straight to business. Although I was somehow ok financially but that didn't bring me any happiness.

It didn't take that long before I quit and redirect to personal development. At least this is a field I can even volunteer. So, I found this to be what i really wanted in life and doing it generates true happiness especially when I'm with my keyboard.

All this boils down to the fact that if you're unhappy in life, then you're not getting what you want or you're not creating the opportunity to be where you rightly supposed to be. You must indentify who you are, what you want and start paving your way. Start doing things based on how you feel not on how or what someone does or likes.

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