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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to be single and happy

How to be single and happy

Many years ago, I believed that married people were the most happiest. I don’t blame myself much for what I believed since I was highly programmed by social heredity and the media.

But as time goes on, out of my numerous research and studies, I came to understood that just a fraction of married couples manage to live a happy life. From there, it didn’t take me that long to discover as well that unlike the successful married coupes, singles and single parents can still be single yet very happy.

This therefore gave me a sense of cool when I see singles boasting of their marital status. It’s no wonder why some people choose to remain single while possessing all the qualities it take to get the best partner in the world, but yet they choose to remain in that circle.

But has this ever bothered you? Has it ever bothered you why some people naturally have very little or no interest in a love relationship at all, but yet they feel comfortable and complete?

How to be single and happy

In order to be single and happy, you must accept that being single is what you want only then can you achieve true happy. There’s a logic behind this but it’s very simple. When you totally forgo the desire to be engaged, your subconscious mind later believes it and stops bothering you on love and romantic matters and focuses on what brings you happiness.

Concerning Priests and Fathers in the churches, what do you think of them? Do you think because they’re not married or have kids means they’re not happy? Far from that! These are one of the happiest people in the world yet they’re not married and very ok in life. What makes them different? Nothing makes them different from you! Both of you are singles but the slight gap between is that they’re single and not searching or expecting any.

As you can see, in order to be single and happy, you must accept your status and from there, you’ll equally be proud of this and that’s the beginning of true happiness.

Births of same feathers flog together

Another way on how to be single and happy is by associating with those of your marital status. This has been one of the most powerful methods most singles and single parents adapt. It’s no wonder why the majority of married couples tend to be friends to other couples and singles as well do same.

Associating with those of same status totally brings happiness in the sense that, in most cases, you guys have similar interest and enjoy doing same things. Not long from there, you’ll start seeing others sharing similar interest as yourself and that’s just how real happiness is formed.

Also, as a result of being single, you also grasp some little benefits that come with singlehood. For instance, she got married for 3years and the following year was unbearable and she had to split her guy. When asked, she admitted that ”I lost most of the things that brought me true happiness. Seeing him daily wasn’t enough to guarantee my happiness. Being with him wasn’t just enough. I had others things that make me complete so I left. ”

According to her, being single is really what she wants if only she’ll be happy in that circle. This is evident when she said ”I was stopped going out, no parties, friendly visits were very strict and I had to spend much time if not at work, it would be in the house. This is what I just don’t want.”

It’s just normal for some people to be single and very happy. Such is their nature. If they got married, they’ll feel limiting in many areas of their lives. So, this therefore means that, if singlehood is what you want, you certainly ought to be happy.

Developing the minds for self-sufficient

According to a recent research, it was clear that 73% of marriages are never based on marriage its self but on other self-factors (see does unconditional love exist?). This equally means that a great percentage of marriages are influenced by unmet needs such as the desire to change status, love addiction, financial difficulties, quest for popularity etc.

Concerning you, each time you think of engaging in a relationship or marriage, what really pushes you? What pushes you is the problem. So, in order for you to be single and happy, you must indentify this factor and tackle it because this is where the problem is coming from and not a relationship.

For example, if you discover that most of the relationship you were involved was influenced by financial difficulties, then getting a job will make you happy. If you were influenced by his/her popularity, then becoming friends with some popular or famous people will certainly make you single and happy. If you think that you were being pressured by your friends, classmates or colleagues, then by start adjusting your connections to them will soon lead to your being single and very happy.

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