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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to avoid falling in love with your ex-boyfriend

How do I avoid falling in love with my ex-boyfriend?

We all know that breakups can be devastating for both people, especially if one of them is still in love. This article will show you how to forgive and forget, and not to fall back into the same pattern.

Hang out with your friends and stay off the topic of boys - especially him. Check out all the other hotties around town. Think of all things you can do now that you are single, e.g flirt with other guys etc.

Try to recall all the bad things he's done to you; it will keep you from remembering just the good times, but don't completely hate him if you want to stay friends- just don't become friends too soon.

Don't flirt with him- basically, don't try to hang out with him too much right after the breakup. Keep your mind open and show him that he's not the only guy in your life.

Don't think about him, and don't think about him on a night no matter how much you want to cause this just makes it worse, and keep going over all the bad things about him.

Do not start a relationship with one of his friends... don't even talk to them. Stay away from him for a few days! If you do talk to him then make sure you don't start talking about when you were dating.

Don't cave in-he'll want you back just make sure that you have someone close to you that you can count on.

Don't let him fool you. Make sure that you remember all of the bad things that he has done to you, for example cheating etc. Don't do anything that might hurt yourself. Don't make him mad either. Just let it pass you'll always find someone new and maybe better.

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