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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to attract someone you love so much

How you can attract someone you love so much

I usually get comments from people asking me; if you love someone, can you attract him/her to you? Can you attract someone who doesn’t love you at first? Can you make someone fall in love with you again? Can a love relationship remain healthy as in day one? I am sure some of these questions are nothing new to you as well because I know you may have experienced it or at least come across a victim of such circumstances, right? It happens everywhere.

While all the answers to the above questions are a big yes, yet one thing needs to be certain before such questions could achieve their value. And this is nothing more than the type of relationship lovers/couples share and also how they go about interacting with each other as these are some of the questions/factors that determine the nature of their relationships if not in the present, in the future.

In this article today, I will be talking on how to attract someone you love so much even though on their part, they might not share same desire in return as you. But before I proceed, I want you to know that the methods here are based on relationship psychology and not some kind of witchcraft or magic spell. This therefore means that before I let you know how to attract someone, you must first have some kind of close relationship/contact with the person, even it means a way of greeting or just saying hi.

How to attract someone you love so much

Below are some of the processes by which you have to adapt in order to make him/her fall in love with you without doing much, right?

  • Dress decently: According to psychology, each dress we put on change who we are not only in our appearances but in the eyes of others. It’s no wonder why most celebrities, if not all are usually attractive for the reason that they have the ability to appear in different forms and shapes and in most cases, dresses usually play and important role. So now, what about yourself? What have you been putting on in your victim’s presence? If you managed to appear in different forms in the eyes of your victim, sooner or latter, some thing will be peculiar about you in his/her mind thereby, the attraction process begins to develop.
  • Use romantic words: I know you have heard most of the conversation between a boy and a girl during their courtship or dating days. How do they usually sound? If you try to go deep down into what they usually talk on, you will realize that they usually talk about nothing but themselves; their promises, the happy times ahead and the future possibilities. This therefore means that, the words or the manner in which you use to communicate with someone you love so much actually determines if they are going to find you as one. So, in order to stand on the safe corner, always try to talk romantically so as to open up they minds for the eventually process.
  • Say just the right thing: Imaging someone talking to you and talking just the wrong thing and at the wrong time, how would you feel? You will certainly find the person boring and the same thing happens when you want to attract someone you love so much. This therefore means that, before you can actually attract them, you must in the first place know a little about what they like talking the most as this is the path to which you’ll pass to get them. This statement is true because, usually, when you enjoy the company of someone, you tend to be psychologically drawn to the person.
  • Offer him/her gifts: This method works best when you already known and used to this person. If this is your situation, then, try buying some little gifts time-after-time which you think they like. If you doubt this, ask any of their friends and if this is still impossible, just carry out a little study and see what they usually do with their time or enjoy doing. This is evidently what they like and by offering them as gifts, in return, they will certainly start developing a kind of interest in you thereby making way for the falling in love process.
  • Tempt him/her further: I hope you know that they are certain people who are attracted to others in order to satisfy their unmet needs? For example, suppose a certain girl likes luxurious cars as one of her likes and comes across someone (a guy) walking down the street, do you think that despite all the necessary attempts made by him will totally impress her? Far from that! What if the guy was driving a luxurious BMW? Automatically, she will find him more attractive than before, right?

Final say on attracting someone you love so much

As you can see from what is mentioned above, attracting someone you love is not that difficult nor something super natural or something no one ever does. All you need to know are just few things about your lover and then, you continue from there, right?

For many people, the points mentioned above are already enough for them to get going but for others, they want to go beyond just that and so, since I can’t mention all the points in just an article, I have compiled other articles that will continue from where I stopped here. See the related articles below for more practical steps.

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