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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to attract returning visitors

How to drive traffic to your website

Do you know why there are millions of websites available but just few of them managed to be known?
Do you think that those who failed wanted to attract but this at the beginning?

The reason why some people fail in setting up a successful website online has to do with little or no knowledge about marketing and those who managed to succeed are not those who only obtain a website but those who manage to drive or attract returning visitors to their websites.

In order to have respectable traffic to your site, you must learn how to attract returning visitors which I am going to be talking today in this article.

How to attract returning visitors

Today, I am going to tell you how you can use your contents, new letters and registration to attract returning visitors which in return attract visitors back to your website.

  • Content is the king: The first method on how attracting returning visitors is through your content or what you have to tell and show the world. This therefore means that when you target your customers, the next thing will be to make sure that what you are offering them is useful. This is also because; human beings tend to behave accordingly. If they realised that your services/products/contents are good and useful, no one needs to tell them to come back. They will always keep visiting your website as long as you keep doing your best. I believe content is the king because, even if you managed to drive traffic to your site using a certain medium, they will always come and go if they see nothing useful, right?
  • Target the right people: Why do you think some business we have in the real world coupled with some online businesses quickly fall after doing marketing every here and there? With all these marketing, why do they still fail? Prior to what they have or their products, the major reason behind this is that they never target the right people (real customers).Instead, they tilt their adverts towards the wrong and so, encounter failure. This means that in order to attract returning visitors, you must carry out your marketing towards the right people who needs your products or services only then would watch them come back.
  • Ask them to register: When I first started my first website, I used this method to increase my returning visitors and in return, it worked out pretty well. For example, I restrict certain areas only for registered members and so, so many people usually register. Below the registration form, I placed an option for new letters and although some people decline it, many people accepted and so the system usually notifies them of upcoming events including latest features and this is what you can do as well.
  • Ask them to subscribe: Another means on how to have returning visitors to your website is by letting them subscribe to your newsletters. This method works pretty well because, even when they forget about your site, you can always update them via their emails and once they see this, they will be forced to come and check the latest and very soon, no one will need to remind them of your website since they are now use to the site. This is a common and easiest way to have or attract returning visitors and it is no wonder why almost all these big sites usually requested for visitors to subscribe.

Final words on having returning visitors

As you can see above, attracting returning visitors is not about persuading them here and there without making them see enough reason to do so.

If you want to drive high returning visitors to your website, you must create something useful, show them how to use it and how it can be of great importance to them and when they notice this, they will always come.

And it is no wonder why we usually visit certain websites not that there are no other alternatives but because they try to satisfy our desires the most and so we always keep visiting them in the form of returning visitors.

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