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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to ask any girl out for date

How to ask any girl out for date

No matter what you’ve been told about girls, there’s one universal fact about them; all girls love to be impressed or complimented by their guys for what they wear, their hair style, their physical attractions etc. In order to ask a girl out, you must make her feel important and this can be done through the use of admiration. This one factor is sufficient enough to bring out their importance and qualities.

One of the mistakes many guys usually do when trying to ask a girl out for a date is that they keep repeating the same steps copied from unsuccessful people. That’s why in most cases, they’re turn down. Asking a girl out for date especially the first time without making her feel great or having a real purpose in mind risks the probability of getting her.

Researchers proved that, majority of guys who were turned down by girls is highly rooted down on inadequate self-confidence coupled with lack of self-expression. These are some of the things that can cause a girl to turn down a guy, even for life when they’re lacking in any of these area. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you, I explained how you can use certain confident body postures and will power to program the mind of your victim to make him/her finds you very attractive even for the first time.

How to ask any girl out for date

Girls aren’t that knotty to ask out for date if you appear to know just few things about the psychology of approaching. Below are some tips that will guide you along the process:

  • Start by managing your approach: Once you've made up your mind to ask a girl out, you have to assess the situation. First, is she someone you know? Is she a complete stranger? Is she someone you see occasionally at a bar, school, work, street, etc.? Knowing this will determine your manner and circumstances of approach, right? For example, if she’s your class mate or some you usually see, you probably know few things about her; then by walking up to her when she’s lonely increases the chance that she’d listen since she’s less distracted.
  • Request her number at the end: If you want to ask any girl out and you’re feeling some degree of nervousness, start by requesting her contact number at the end of your first meeting. If she likes you or your manner of approach, she’ll give you hers or ask yours. If she gives you, that shows she’s receptive to your approach and the possibility of accepting the next time if high. If you are to call, appear to be calm and show some level of confidence, be polite with her and finally, show some bit of fun; at least this makes her smile.
  • Schedule a date with her in advance: If you managed to have the chance of scheduling a date with her, never wait until the day. Talk it over with her in advance. At least, this gives her the time to go over your request. Also, it gives her the time to schedule her other activities for your date as well as what she’s going to wear that matches the event. This is because you might be expecting to tell her as a surprise and she turns you and your date down. She might be saying something like “does he think I’m jobless or what? I just can’t attend.” This is what you shouldn’t want, right?

Final say on how to ask any girl out for date

As you can see, asking a girl out for date isn’t that difficult nor something which guys aren’t doing. The reason some guys usually fail is because they go contrary to these principles.

So in order to make it successful, follow the steps listed above coupled with the related links below and before you know, she’s your date.

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