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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to ask a girl out for the first time

How to ask a girl out for the first time

Asking a girl out for the first time is neither some kind of rocket science nor something super natural nor something no one ever does. Asking a girl out for the first time is nothing rather than understanding who she is and on the other hand, appearing to match her soul mate criteria. One of the biggest mistakes most boys/men usually do when asking a girl out especially for the first time is that, they continue to follow the wrong approach copied from unsuccessful people.

Why do some boys or men usually fail?

Before I let you know how to ask a girl out for the first time, I must first let you know some of the reasons why some people still fail to do this. In most cases, this happens as a result of their past relationship experiences, social heredity, and how they’ve been mold about girls.

For example, Paul's friends usually tell him that beautiful girls tend to be somehow complicated to be convinced and he believed them without any form of resistance. One day Paul met a beautiful girl on his way to the gym and fell in love with her. Without doubt, she was his criteria type but he couldn’t express what he fell and so lost her because of the false beliefs he kept about beautiful girls. In real sense, Paul's situation is the reverse of reality because researchers have proven that beautiful women are more vulnerable if you appear to confident.

In my book "How to make someone fall in love with you" I explained in details how you can make someone easily fall in love with you if you apply certain confident body posture.

This is how to ask a girl out for the first time

Below are two vital steps to glance at. They’ll act as some kind of support in realizing your purpose.

  • Get to know her better: Before asking a girl out, you must first understand who she is and if possible who her friends are. In order to get more information about her, you can get in close contact with her friends or just by examining her activities without her noticing your interest (only if you can’t ask her certain things). By doing so, you’ll not only get a better mastery of her but you’ll also know her rightful moments to make your move, right?
  • Share some common Interest: If she’s your classmate or someone you work together with, it shows you already know something about her. In this case, you can just go ahead and ask her out in a friendly manner. In case you still feel uneasy then this is because either she’s the hard to get type or you didn’t do your homework properly. In this situation, your chances of targeting her will increase if you start by impressing her, getting close to her, sharing little discussion with her etc. This is so in the sense that, by the time you may want to strike again, she would have known your intention and the probability that she’ll abide is very high this time. On the other hand you still have a role to play depending on how she’s going to respond back. If after making your first move and she asks for more time, give her time as this is an indirect way of considering your proposal, right?

Ultimate words on asking a girl out

In order to ask a girl out for the first time, it's very important that you don't ask her out in public circumstances because in such situation, she might be influenced by her friends or the people around her to give either a positive or negative feedback. For example, she may say yes out of excitement and later regret that she has made your date a call for unwanted gossip. She may say yes just to keep you from embarrassment then later turn around and turn you down.

So you have to consider the place, circumstances and the people around because all these are influential factors that at times determine our manner and behavior in front of others.

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