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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to ask a girl out for date

How to ask a girl out for date

I usually tell uncourageous people that asking a girl out is not something supernatural or that you have to possess certain skills or wealth in order to do it. No! Anyone can do it provided that he doesn’t follow the wrong steps. All they need is to possess certain confident postures and appearing to know just what to say while on the other hand, applying just the right signals of approach.

In my book "How to make someone fall in love with you", I explained in details how you can apply certain confident body postures to make someone fall in love with you without doing much.

Why some guys are turn down.

Many guys have always been having problems asking a girl out for date. In most cases, this has to do with their style of approach. Some even start by bringing up irrelevant topics. When approaching a girl for the first time, since you don’t know her ways of life, you also try to avoid bringing up strong topics.

These are some of the things that can irritate a girl for the first time. Yes it's good to talk about these topics if they're your favorite topics but not for the first time, at least when you must have accomplished your mission, right?

On the other hand it’s okay to ask simple and normal ended questions, but don’t make her feel pressed as if she’s on an interview. Talk about common interests and latest happenings. Ask questions that can easily lead to other topics.

How to ask a girl out for date

The below guidelines will act as some kind of support in raising your chances of asking a girl out for date if you manage to practically apply them.

  • Use direct confrontation: At times some girls can tend to be difficult in the sense that they really don’t believe in electronic interactions. This therefore means that mailing or giving a call to such people will only appear to them you're shy or lacking self-confidence. In order to break this, approach them with a face-to-face talk. It could be a walk home from school or work etc. Remember that the majority of girls like to be asked in person (I don't know about the minority).
  • Use close eyes contact: Let your girl know you like her by looking her in the eyes. I know this requires additional courage, but just put your best in place. Even without talking, this let her know you’re interested in her. On her own side, she’ll be prepared to hear whatsoever you might want to say and that’s when you make the move. Simple! Right?
  • Look for what she likes: When asking a girl out on a date, you really should have a life that’s fulfilling and exciting to you. You need to have something low-key, fun and interesting to get her out on a date. That is easier than saying “Do you want to go out to dinner?” and if you use that line you’ll just asking for rejection.
  • Make some plans: In order to ask a girl out for a date, you must have some plans in your mind as well as a specific time, whether you’ll pick her up or meet her somewhere. Make sure you have the money to finance for this unless there is an agreement in advance that the two of you are involved. Whatever time you have agreed to, be punctual.

Final say on how to ask a girl our for date

As you see, asking a girl out for date is neither something difficult nor something supernatural nor something that only certain people can do. In order to ask her out, all you need is nothing more than knowing who she is, what she likes hearing/talking and appear to be confident about what you’re saying and nothing more.

What you’re trying to do has been done by others. In fact, people have been asking girls and women out till date and what about you? Just do what they’ve been doing and you’re there, right?

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