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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to appear interesting in front of a guy

How to be interesting in front of a guy/boy

To all the women out there that are looking for ways to interest your guys, even a guy which you just met or trying to attract, here are the basic steps to reach that goal you want to manifest. But before you proceed to achieve this goal, you have to know few things about your guy.

This should be some aspects of his traits and what he likes/sees from a woman. If you manage to know few of these things about him, you will also equally know the right approach and the step-by-step procedure to attract him.

How to appear interesting in front of a guy

Today, I will explain some quick facts which are easy to comply. But I also want you to know that these methods work well for others so all you just need is a little bit of effort to turn that goal into reality.

  • While around him, flaunt it a bit. Do the casual walk by, do something that will get his attention. Not something that is over-exaggerated or could possibly embarrass you and ruin your chances with him. The essence behind this is to get him notice you without showing much concern right?
  • Once you have attracted his attention, make sure to introduce yourself. Then you are going to have something good to keep up something like an interesting conversation. So when you start talking, ask him simple questions. Basic questions like, how can I call you?, how old are you, So, where are you from, etc. Don't make it feels like an interview!!
  • After this scene, there will be a high possibility that this guy will be interested, if he asks for your contact number give it to him. Let him call you first except otherwise, and make sure you answer the first time he calls, but don't answer right away you don't want to seem to eager.
  • After he is hooked, you're going to want to keep him interested, and to do this you're going to want to mess up with him a little, keep him on his feet. When he calls you don't always answer, let the call pass so he wonders where you are. Also go a few days without contact only enough to make him miss you though. Does that make sense? Just try it.

If you can managed to apply these steps even without applying all the above steps, you can still make it provided that you're serious about the whole thing.

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