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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How to achieve your goals in life

How to achieve your goals in life

I hope you have seen someone set a goal and achieve it, right? While you have seen such people do so successfully, do you know that at the same time there are people who never managed to achieve their goals in life?

They only managed to go beyond the first stage (setting the goal) and never go above the second stage (achievement). At least if this has never happen to you, but you have seen someone like that, right? But why would someone know what he wants in life and fails to get it? There are many reasons behind this failure of goals achievement which am going to explain.

Why do some people failed to achieve their goals in life?

Do you know that our habits, how we perceive things and our ambitious level affect the kind of goals we set for ourselves? For example, one of the reasons people never managed to arrive at their goals is due to their high ambitious level that leads them in setting difficult and unattainable goals for themselves.

In one of my articles, 'why life is unfair?', I explained that we only see life to be unfair when we failed to get what we need in life or that we restrict ourselves with high and unreachable plans. Imagine someone setting a goal to be successful in life without caring to know how the path to success looks like or a student hoping to come first in a test without having the zeal to study.

Those are some of the examples of unattainable goals. Goals you set only in the mind but in real world you donít behave as if you need them.

Another reason could be how people go about managing their time and plans. They only set goals and wait for it to manifest its self. In one of my articles, 'how to make use of your time', I explain the importance of setting goals and scheduling yourself. I said setting goals without scheduling your time for that particular goal still boils down to failure and thatís just how some people failed.

How to achieve your goals in life

In order to achieve your goals in life, you must first set the goals and the next thing will be to make sure it can be reachable. Thereíre many ways in which you can know if your goals will be reachable.

You can still do this by looking around to see if there is anyone who already managed set that kind of goals and achieve it. Once you see one, that is already proof that if you do your best your goals will be reachable as well.

That is the method I always used in school. Whenever they give a test and I failed, I asked myself why did the others make it and I failed? It means the test was easy and I never worked enough. I convinced myself that if others can make it then it is simple and the next time, I made it just like them.

Follow the examples of others

There are many goals in life which require different methods or ways to achieving them. If you set a goal and finds it difficult, donít give up. What youíre trying to do, others have been doing it and they succeed without having to give up. If a goal appears to be difficult, copy the examples of others in the field, start thinking and behaving like them.

For example, letís say youíve set a goal to become rich and youíre not seeing any success in that direction, then following the steps of such people will lead you in becoming like them someday.

Another step towards this is by scheduling yourself. Just as you schedule your doctor, work, rest, eating etc., schedule time for your goal. If you believe itís important, then, during this period, donít be distracted by any way even if it means switching off your phone or seeing a friend. Just imagine how your life will be like after 5years of achieving the goal.

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