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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How shyness enters your life

How shyness enters your life

What is shyness? Shyness is the process by which you feel uneasy when you're among friends, new faces, people in authority, and especially the opposite sex. This extreme self-consciousness targets its victims in various ways. Some get guilty and biting up and as a result, they are unable to speak up or voice out their opinions.

Shyness begins with what you send to your mind. Based on psychology, if you keep the impression that, people are making negative thoughts about you, you think others are better than yourself, thinking that things will go the wrong side if you associate with others. Most often, it happens because you tense up and according in harmony with your beliefs.

How shyness enters your life. By withdrawing, not willing to speak up, being so preoccupied with self-thought that you don't pay attention to others. You may live up to the impression that you are unfriendly and uncaring. When all your thoughts are based on yourself, it's hard to concentrate on the present discussion and so, you are less concentrated in receiving the information, then what you feared happens.

When you're are attacked by shyness, you turn to miss good opportunities that come your way, miss good chances of making friends, and you accept things you don't like because you are afraid to express your opinions.

This article was written only to explain how shyness enters a person's life and the effects it has in the future but if you are already affected by shyness then jump to this article how to stop shyness.

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