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Written by: Raymond Fohjem

How people affect our self-moltivation

How people affect our self-moltivation

Do you know that most of the habits we develop are influenced by others? Few people know about this.

That's the reason why during the growth process of a child, he is most likely to develop the traits of his parents or his close associates and same thing happens with couples.

When they come together, they soon start resembling and behaving like each other.

Why do you think it happens like that? Why do you think people keep switching habits? This is because every experience we gather from others shape our minds and same thing happens with self-motivation.

This is how people affect our self-motivation

During my coaching session whenever i come across someone suffering from self-motivation, i usually start by first knowing who his friends are, his parents and backgrounds etc. A student once told me that he's not self-motivated to do his class assignments because they were usually much and difficult.

When I go deeply, it was certain that neither the overload nor the assignment was the problem but his friends. When I propped into it better it didn't take that long before i discovered that most of his friends were nothing but school dropouts. So i told him to give them some break and see what happens.

Not that long he found his study routine back on track. I only asked him for some break between but he's now the one giving permanent break till after semester.

If you find yourself unmotivated to do certain things, know that you have to start looking not on the thing itself but yourself and others.

How parents affect our self-motivation

How many times have you relied on other people's ideas? How many times have you believed someone without testing its validity? How many times do you trust your abilities? Some times people affect our self-motivation in very trivial issue; something we ought not to seek from others.

For example if you're a receptive person, you'll likely not be self-motivated in serious matters. People with this nature are most likely to be influenced by others than their abilities. They might try to get a job but if someone told them something like "Hi Joe, the unemployment rate in this country is high" they might tend to believe even without trying.

The same thing happens between parents and their children. When a child is brought up by parents who care little for the child’s independence, he might grow up less motivated to take responsibilities.

Whenever someone tells you that you can't do something, he's just telling you that he failed, try your own abilities. For the fact that he was unable to do it doesn't mean no one can do it.

The same thing happens in other areas. If you enjoy doing something and keep associating with people having conflicting beliefs, the probability that you'll tend not be motivated is high.

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